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National American Miss is a pageant I have been doing for several years and I'm in love!!!!! The pageant is judged fairly and the girls are really nice. I've made some of my best friends there and I've seen confidence levels go through the roof with some girls, and trust me, I mean that as a good thing! National American Miss is a pageant I would never quite doing. I will never stop until I obtain that National title. National American Miss is a... Read more

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Love NAM! For what my daughter gets out of it, it's worth every pen! She'll compete for as log as she's able. :)

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I'll review this because I admit I fell for it. My daughter has competed for 3 years. I spent a lot of money with optional contests and advertising. She won cover girl because we sold ads she did well in optional contests year one then declined. She never placed in the main event until this year when she made top 10. However her scores were worse than any other year?!yet we stepped it up bought dresses like other contestants who won stepped up... Read more

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Overcrowded groups of girls. Not realistic in proportion Total scam with all the fees.

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My daughter doesn't wear make-up. So we set realistic expectations. She submitted her offical school transcript. My daughter is a honor student and has a 5.0 GPA. She had recommendations and letters from teachers. She received NOTHING. Not even 1st runner up. When I tried to ask one of the judges what the Academic reward was based on she told me that she didn't judge that event and that I would have to call the office. Go figure. I'll be calling... Read more

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I have competed in NAM twice: When I was 16 and again when I was 19. Neither time ended well for me, especially the 2nd time. The first time was my first pageant ever so I didn't know what to expect nor did I realize I would be competing against 150 some girls. The 2nd time I felt so much more confident considering I knew what to expect and had long prepared myself for it. I didnt make top 15 either time, and it was disappointing that I didn't... Read more

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My 7 year old daughter participated in the 2016 California pageant among the Princess age division. I found this pageant to be misleading, inconsistent, disingenuous, and disorganized. I am aware that this was a beauty competition (and a costly one too), but I still feel that NAM clearly has some corrections to make in regards to both morals and management. I'll start by noting that their claim of "bottom line pricing" is false, and I'm not... Read more

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This was my daughters first time competing in pageant even tho she didnt take home a title she really enjoyed herself and is looking forward to next year. The memories that will stay with her was well worth the investment and hard work!!! Read more

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How sad it is that if you dont have money you can participate in this events sad really sad....

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1st Time NAM Participant Daughter JR PRE TEEN MISS .We set very realistic goals told our daughter we know you should be a semi finalist have modeling expierence Try Your Best all you can do STOP worrying about other girls dresses being better than yours. "Who cares if they have MORE Time & Money to invest in OPTIONAL CONTESTS" don't worry judges cannot make decision on that. I am very disappointed because we cannot ALL afford expensive ball... Read more

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