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I have attended multiple events with our daughter, wife and son and found the requirements to win any title with NAM requires commitment not just from the girls but more importantly from the parents. I watched hundreds of young girls that were obviously didn't practice. This is the parents fault not the child. I also observed parents jerking their kids around and getting mad because they didn't perform to their wishes. If you do this in public you a use your kids at home. It's called love not abuse and making demands from your child. Also a common outburst is to blame NAM. I am so happy we found NAM. It presented a major challenge for my daughter and wife to work together to prepare for the competition. The weeks and hours won't working and preparing for the event was unbelievable. We didn't hire a coach, my wife simply helped our daughter to bring out the best in her.

Parents if you don't do your job your child will not effectively compete. Even if your daughter doesn't win its helps a child's growth and the pay-off is more than a trophy. My daughter did win a Florida State title and she also didn't win the National. She cried but understand that she just needs to work harder to prepare the next time. My wife is a hero and she worked as a volunteer at the July 2015 pageant as a Royalty Mom. She got an inside look and as a professional business owner of a large company she had nothing but praise for the owner and director and the staff. Give your child another chance. Don't show her how to give up, but to get better. Chase H

Reason of review: Wonderful life experience for our daughters growth .

National American Miss Pros: Teaches kids life skills.

Location: New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Whatever?? How do you know the other girls didn't work just as hard as your daughter.

You are very judgmental regarding other peoples children.

Your daughter didn't win NAM because she didn't give them enough money. Use her efforts towards a more reputable company that doesn't cost a fortune to enter

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