My daughter is a very talented yet shy little girl. She has been dancing since about 3 years old and so natural in modeling and acting.

She joined the National American Miss when she was 6 years old and she won the Casual Wear modeling which was truly one of the best experiences she ever had as her face lighted and shined when her name was called. She did not place in the overall pageant because I made the mistake of changing her introduction last minute which has been haunting me since then especially when we got her scores that it showed she screwed up (or I screwed up) in the personal introduction. This traumatized her and did not want to do it again the next year. However, she had so much fun and really loved meeting new friends.

This experience did not stop her from doing what she loves to do like dancing. So after a year break and having joined other competitions like dancing, she has developed more confidence and now that she's 8 years old she is very excited to join the pageant again. I would say this pageant is very transparent with the fees, the judging is fair, it is really fun for the girls, and it lives up to its motto of "growing confidence". Everybody's experience and point of view is different but for us...it is one great avenue for girls to develop the grace of losing and winning and as a parent I fully support whatever would help my daughter gain life learning skills not just in the academic world.

As far as I know social skills can bring a person a long ways as long as that person never quits learning from every opportunity out there.

And not to mention how the pageant gives back to the community and how it teaches these girls the gift of sharing. Just an honest opinion worth sharing...thank you for reading!

National American Miss Pros: Boost confidence, Teaches kids life skills.

Location: Houston, Texas

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So my daughter just got a national America miss pageant. She is confused as to why she got it. Anyone know how they pick these girls?


I received one for my daughter in the mail today. I had sent her picture in to a modeling agency quite some time ago and I also had her go to a competition a couple of years ago and it was also held at one of the locations on this paper. Maybe they got it from there somehow.

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