This was my second year with NAM. I did one in 2013 and really wanted to in 2014, but apparently I didn't get the letter that year that I could compete. I thought it was weird, especially since I competed previously, but I decided to go for it again in 2015.

Let me tell you, this may be slightly rigged. ALL of the top 15 in Colorado had won something or placed in a LOT of things.

May I point out that the judges hand the host the top 15 AFTER all of the other awards have been chosen? I mean, that is just proof that you have to join other optional competitions and WIN in order to boost your chances.

There was this one girl, who was one of my closest friends that weekend, who won the optional talent I was in. She made top fifteen and she called me not too long ago and told me her scores were low. Mine were higher, and I didn't make it in. SEE?

The judges didn't seem fair either. I know looks aren't anything, but they don't give a background check for them. Not even an introduction, or telling us how they chose them. I'd like to see that later in future pageants.

But overall, the experience is as they promised. I don't feel as confident as they said I was, but I have broken free from being shy. Sort of.

So NAM... Yes or no? I say yes, if you can afford competing in the optional competitions. I really had a good time and wearing a dress while being on stage and being able to get a clean slate off of school is great (I've always been bullied in school).

So if you want to win, go do the optional competitions, and work your butt off to win or place in them, and you'll be good to go!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

National American Miss Cons: Pricing, Having do compete in optionals to win it is true.

Location: Littleton, Colorado

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I'm so glad you said this and pointed out the truth and the obvious! Thank you for posting this! I've been saying the same thing for a long time and now you actually confirmed that this is nothing but the truth!


DO NOT ENTER NAM!! Employees don't wear name tags and information regarding the judges isn't disclosed because this company is a scam.

Don't think that you didn't work hard enough. You didn't give them enough money

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