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My sister was going to compete in the LA pageant last year. We paid everything out of pocket and made sure to get all the extras that they suggested to help her in every way.

The first meeting we went to was a waste of time! It was basically the first money gauging and faux training to "empower young girls". The second meeting consisted at more money gauging and "training" you how to walk and talk at the pageant. The two people in charge looked like they had just gotten up and put the first thing they saw on.

When we got to the main event in some rinky dinky hotel meeting rooms, it reeked of desperation from women trying to relive their youth. Their registration lines were a mess and there was no consistency in customer service. Some people looked like they were going to court and others like they were on their way to the grocery store. One of the women i went to talk to in regards to the issues wasn't even wearing shoes!!!!!

Complete Joke!!! We didn't stay for the event and tried to get a hold of CS but no one has gotten back to me regarding a refund.

Save your money don't do it!!!! ***

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

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Sounds like the exact same scheme that the so called Model & Talent pulls when the come to Missouri and wherever else. The posted up in a hotel near the airport and sell fake dreams to aspiring and hopeful young girls & guys.

Really they just want the parents money. Once you get into the audition they want money and then when they do call backs they want more money. Scam.

You never hear from them, but are registered on their website to look for auditions, which were never in our area. Never again.


QUOTE : "it reeked of desperation from women trying to relive their youth". Bullseye !

Trying to relive the youth they wish they had had. Making their daughters Jon Benet clones. That entire system annoys and sickens most normal adult parents.

It's really sad and a big waste of time ; leaving optimistic happy little girls emotional wrecks with permanent disappointment in their minds. Ought to be classified "child abuse".

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