Well for starters, it's not judges just on the three categories. I nailed my personal introduction, I slipped during my formal wear but recovered perfect, even the queen said so.

My interview went amazing. I gave full answers and details! The same girls got top ten as usual. The best part of it, the girl who won, her dad is a WELL known member of the mafia.

She placed in everything she did. She messed up in her introduction as well. But yet, a perfect score. I received my final scores as well and the best thing is...

I scored lower than last year, my first year! Somehow my second year I did worse than my first year! The judges just said I was confident and had a nice outfit. Not even "maybe the formal dress was too long" nothing.

I would of liked feed back about the "negative" as well. So I know what to improve on. I entered photogenic as well and that score wasn't even on there! The girl who won also won photogenic even though her photo was the same pose as mine.

If you don't do all optionals you have a very slim chance of winning. 2k+ for a rigged pageant? No thanks NAM, you've received enough money from my family, community and myself.

Honestly, don't get in to it. It's ridiculous.

Location: Rochester, New York

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Not to be rude. But I think that means you should go to a fake pageant where you pay for your title.

NAM is meant for girls who work very hard in training and who doesn’t type something bad about the organization to ruin their reputation. Just keep your thoughts to yourself honey.

If you want, you can share them with someone who is mean and cruel just like you. NAM IS A GREAT ORGANIZATION!


Sounds like a troll for NAM. It's rigged for sure.

Judges gotta make money somehow so they make deals with the "coaches". I can't wait till someone exposes them and sues and shuts down this toxic event.


What were your scores?


Yes!! NAM is a big scam!

They will take, take, take your money and give your little girl nothing but a broken heart.

This is not a reputable pageant. This company has been repeatedly reported to the BBB


Girls first of all learn how to write. If you do not know how to spell or write a complete sentence it could be a pretty good reason why you do not come off well in a pageant.

My daughter entered NAM last year for the first time and yes it is pricey but with effort I do believe anyone has a chance at placing and if it is their night winning. By the way she came in 4th runner up out of 120 girls.

The fact of the matter is any pageant is based on subjective judging; this is NOT like other competitions where you win based on a time or points scored by crossing a finish line. In pageants it is a human being judging and every single human is different from the other.

Therefore, what I may like you may not.

The object of being in pageants should not be winning but learning to present yourself with grace, poise and class. None of which seems to be present in some of these comments.


If you're going to critique the writing ability of a young girl, you should spend a little more time improving that skill for yourself. I will provide you with some valuable edits to your unkind comment.

This will help you present yourself with grace, poise, and class as you attempt to humiliate and discredit young girls in the future:


First of all, please learn to write. If you do not know how to spell or write a complete sentence, you may not present well in the pageant. My daughter entered NAM last year for the first time. It is pricey, but with effort I do believe anyone has a chance of placing; if she is having a good night, she may win!

(By the way, my daughter came in 4th runner up out of 120 girls!)

It is a fact that all pageants are based on subjective judging. Pageants are not like other competitions where contestants are awarded based on time or points scored for crossing a finish line.

The purpose of participating in a pageant should not be winning, but learning to present yourself with grace, poise, and class.

In my opinion, these comments are not demonstrating pageant skills.

Best of luck being cruel and unkind to young women!


Same thing happened to me and I enter every optionly . In my 2 year did worst over all but did but did better in the requirements but worst in optionsly . And the Winner been in the pageant five year and just won and the year before the that won had been in the pageant five years and won three times and princess jr *** and *** and that's becaue after u win u can't complete in the same cart ogre and so many other bad things


My daughter entered one optional and only one entry...first time ever in a pageant, and won her state. I don't think optionals are necessary.

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