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Yes my daughter didn't win. I will be first to admit she didn't win and didn't deserve to win some girls were better prepared .

After watching the award ceremony, I have to say do not enter this pageant. Yes my daughter didn't deserve to win, yet was funny that the only "children to place" where those that spent most money. The o lay kids picked to be semi winners were those that won trophys being i optional contests. So if you want your daughter to win then spend the most money.

With that being said if your daughter is white she will not be picked. 10 semi contestants and 10 black girls picked.

Not a waste of money cause my daughter loved the fun of it. Pageant is rigged for those who spend the money not about girls being girls.

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My daughter won state and we did not do ANY optionals so it’s not about money.


My daughter placed top 15 for her 1st time in this pageant! I didn't spend tons of money....however, I do agree that who ever spends the most wins!

Honestly, my daughter is not fake! She is real and she should've places top 5! But we didn't do every single optional 3x! Not, did we have 5 pages of the yearbook paid for.

And I still can't believe it's you g to cost me 500.00 for pictures and video! That's just ***!


I agree my daughter was a contestant and it is based on who spend the most money .


I agree. Not based on natural beauty or confidence or anything like they say they are looking for.

The girls who didn't win were the most beautiful.

Very disappointed almost seemed rigged. Judging was biased.


Right. Start carping about being underprivileged due to your financial status (you seem to have enough money to enter, buy clothes, makeup, travel expenses, etc.

I think those pageants are disgraceful and create damaged adults with unrealistic expectations and prejudices.

Save your money and your child's psychological development : stay away from that

scene. I'd bet that there are some parents involved as well who should seek psychological counseling.


Not saying we are underprivileged but we did not enter who can spend the most money contest. I also do t like beauty pangeants but they claim it's based on learning leadership skills, confidence and self esteem instead it causes damage

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