I was a CoverGirl for a state (many years ago) I won't reveal for personal reasons, yet I have some tough words. There were a pair of sisters in my age division who would always win.

Year after year. We knew one would win because the older had moved up in age division. They've now moved into the Miss America pageant arena, but the rest of the girls I have talked to felt as if there was some sort of bribery. A constant win from the same family was never a good thing.

Also, I once quoted Ben Franklin in my personal introduction, mind you they had never used quotes in the NAM booklet before with personal intros, and the next year I received my booklet and in the introductions section there were quotes from other famous people. I felt a little discouraged, considering I was never told that "hey good idea hon we're going to use it" and it really felt inconvenient for lack of better wording. My pageant directors also never allowed me to send in my voice and photos from the year I reigned for my successors crowning. It's something I had really looked forward to, teaching what I had learned and showing what I had done for the community.

That same night I had to change for my divisions sleep over party and someone asked me why I never sent one in. I told them what I'd experienced and they never believed me. It kind of hurt. Needless to say, I loved NAM but this was ridiculous.

I can't compete anymore because I live overseas. Also, NAM never answers emails. I've tried.

I'm a military kid, this would work beautifully over here for these girls. But hey, whatever, "they don't fit in" like everyone else does.

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Check the review. .

Preferred solution: Look into possible bribery/scams from the LA pageants. It always seemed off. .

National American Miss Pros: Boost in confidence, Friendly staff.

National American Miss Cons: Possible bribary, Not being able to submit my photos and recording, Tiny areas.

Location: 21 3rd St, Elmer, NJ 08318, USA

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What are you thinking? Maybe hoping these pageants would be fair when they are run by people like Trump. Not going to happen.


Okay but NAM isn't run by Trump. Nice try.

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