I recently just competed in the 2017 JR.Teen pageant at National American Miss. The age limit was 15 but 16 year old girls won.

It is very frustrating to see how much lying the girls do. For example a girl next to me was 16 but wrote 15 on her card. Very upset and sad that I had no chance because they were older. I guess at National American Miss it's okay to "twist the truth" a little.

Such a lying, and money taking pageant industry. Stay away from NAM and put your hopes, dreams, and effort into another pageant company. Like I said untruthful company with age.

There is a photo I added so people can see that girls who won don't look at all 13-15 years old. Maybe 16 going on 25

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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while SCAM, I mean NAM claims to go by age on january 1st they require zero proof of age.....they've been outed for allowing contestants to compete in different states and compete in wrong age divisions. very shady pageant, sadly this has been common among the for profit pageants. save your money, don't waste it on NAM


Not surprised, contestants lie about where they live and NAM let them compete in the wrong state. NAM has become a big money SCAM!


Due to the age cutoff of January 1st of pageant year some girls in that division may be 16. My daughter has a February birthday and both times she won at state she was already technically older than the division.

When she was a Pre-Teen she was 14 by the time she crowned her successor.

So, no rules were broken. The reason many girls win when they are on the older end of the age division is because they have competed at least once in the division.


This is very true. No rules broken.

Would it be fast for NAM to verify age? Yes. But I think they should verify residence even more stringent, because she really had little to do with it.

Espeacilly when your only talking about a year or two. Maybe more practice and preparation shouldve been done, instead of complaining.


I'm from Maryland and do other pageants (never did this one), and have heard about the age thing. one of my friends were newly 16 and put 15.

apparently many pageants determine your age by seeing how old you were on the january 1st of the year of the pageant. it might be the same there.



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