I just got a letter in the mail today by Sandy Palmgren saying that i was referred as a possible candidate and that i was able to be in the pageant. it says everything is free, and i was really excited!

But then i decided to make sure this isnt a scam or anything and so far its okay..but i was wondering if i can have someones opinion that has been though this already and been to open calls and everything and their experience so i know what i should do if i should go or not even bother.

Thank you! ^^

Reason of review: i dont know what to do.

Preferred solution: someone to tell me what to do.

National American Miss Pros: I dont know.

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Hi! i previously wrote a review at the link attached at the end, however I'm am 18 so maybe my input would help from a contestant and adult like perspective.

This is now my 3rd year competing my very first year i came in the top ten out of i believe 80 something girls in New York South as a teen my mom is a single mom of 5 kids and we took a risk the first year but after seeing the open call we thought, why not? after the second year we thought i did so well my first try it was worth the money for an amazing experience! (i also won the photogenic optional contest so we got $250 back)

the second year (heres why i think i have a very fair input as far as people saying "if they didn't think it was a scam they didn't pay for it") I was 17 my second year and actually paid for the pageant myself, just to be clear the sponsorship fee is 480, optional contest are 75 to enter ($250 prize so if you think you have a good chance do it because you profit! that back) the productive outfit is 40 (yes you are required to purchase this you need it through out the weekend it consist of a purple tee shirt and jewelry which u pair with YOUR OWN denim shorts and white sneakers) and there may be a $20 registration fee for you (i don't remember because as a returning girl you get a discount so i actually only paid 360 for my sponsorship fee this year) these are the only things you are REQUIRED to purchase there are other things u have the option to buy like roses for on stage but you don't need them (personally i got them my first year but didn't get them after that their not something you abs need)

i think it is also important to add i live 15 mins from the pageant location so do not pay for a hotel so i can't comment on that, also food isn't free so bring your own or be prepared to pay!

of course the hotel that is hosting needs to profit from this too! finally the dress, i actually bought a $25 dress on eBay and it actually looks amazing (i couldn't believe it either) a new and expensive dress is not needed or required every year! you see girls in designer dress who don't even make the top 20! (like me my first year)

yes it will add up but it is on the cheaper side of pageants and has the largest prize packages.

coming from a single mom of 5 and NYPD officer and an 18 year old who is now going on her 2nd year of spending her OWN money on NAM, it is well worth it and if your daughter does well enough, even if she doesn't win try maybe once of twice more i got in the top ten my first year and SECOND runner up my second year (with a $25 dress again) even if you don't win i promise your daughter will walk out of there with friends, more confident and outgoing and with more professional speaking skills! I no longer hide in the back when it comes to class presentations i ask to go first! I 100% owe that to NAM.

i haven't won and this is my final year before i age out of teen and i don't regret a minute or penny of it! neither does my mom (which was surprising)

I hope you decide to participate and enjoy your experience, best of luck!



Sorry to break the news, but you were NOT nominated by someone in your community. NAM bought your name from another company. Do not enter NAM, you will be disappointed


The open call is free; participation in the State pageant is not. You receive all of the details at the open house.

My daughter participated for the first time this year and it was an extremely positive experience for her. She actually placed as 2nd runner up in talent. This has boosted her confidence and I have definitely seen a change in her self image. I highly recommend it if you can afford it -- although you can get sponsors to defray most costs.

We are going to the National event this year and have gotten several sponsors -- our community is being very supportive.

As pageants go I can say this is an excellent one. I was impressed -- and I am not one to be easily impressed!


Correction: you will receive some of the details at the Open Call. Then, after you pay your non-refundable sponsorship fee at the Pageant Prep Training Session, you'll receive ALL of the financial details of participating in a NAM state pageant.


It's a waste of time. And it's NOT free. Very expensive


NAM is a GREAT program and is really fun to be in. I my first year I won nothing, but this is my second year and I'm on my way to nationals!

NAM is SO fun and I've made so many friends here. It is $440.00 to compete in it. (not including anything else) but IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!

I really recommend NAM and hope to see you there! (if you're in the pre-teen division)

from, your 2015 spokes-model 1st runner up and art contest winner,



Hello everyone. All i want to say here is that i have participated in NAM for 3 years now.

It is very expensive but worth it in my opinion. I just won the 2015 state 1st runner up and i am now getting ready for nationals. The 1st year i invested a lot of preparing time and my parents money and i won nothing. I was sad but decided that the following year i was going to prepare better and be the best i could be.

I am on my way to nationals now and i love how much i have grown with this organization. Im not shy and afraid to put myself out there and give it my all to succeed and reach my goal. Also, is not all about money..the girl who won the crown for my state this year was her first time..it is not based on how many talents you enter to win..so i dont agree when some say that the more you spent the more chances you have.

Hopefully this helps. Thanks for reading and good luck!


U might of read it wrong because my child also got the letter a while back and the actual program is 480.00 for pageant fees then more for the optional contests. Its a very good program tho and suggests doing it.

There goal is to up lift little girls and help them feel beautiful. There's No Make up Or Swim suits Just all Natural


Meant to say *cast call* not cash call!!


got the same letter in the mail. I don't know if you didn't read it correctly or what because it doesn't say that the program is free.

it says that the cash call and the info provided there will be free. once your child is accepted there is an entrance fee. but they encourage the girls to go out and get sponsors to pay for that thus teaching them the value of working for what you want.National American miss is the second largest organization under the Girl Scouts of America.

I have a daughter who is in that also and trust me after troop dues monthly dues and fees for activities to get badges you come out of money there too. this program is worth it though my daughter is super excited that she got accepted in the program.


NAM is for some and some not. If its something you think you might be interested in go to the open call ask questioned there is where you will find out if it is for you or not for you.

Open calls are free. But the other stuff is not. Yes it is $440.00 for entry and $75.00 for whatever else you choose to compete in. But say you were in cheerleading like myself i still have to pay for my uniform,traveling expenses,entry fee to compatitions and so on.

you can always raise the money weather its washing cars. selling candy bars,bake sales, putting up a lemon aid stand and many more. It just how bad you want this and willing to put your all in to it.

good luck and my your dream come true. Autumn


It is definitely not free so forget that!! It is $480.

Which $240 is due in the first couple of weeks. Next every event that you want to go in besides the main one is $75 talent, casual wear, photogenic, spokesmodel,and acting.

You are suppose to get businesse to sponsor you and help pay these fees and each entry has a winner that moves on so the more you pay the better your chances. Good luck!!


I have competed in NAM for four years. My advice, go to the open call.

The pageant is definitely not free, but the open call is. Anyone who says the pageant is after money doesn't understand that NAM is a business. Just like any business, it needs money to pay for its staff, plus all the hotels they use, stages and lights, entertainers, and especially for Nationals where they pay for airfare, hotel, and Disneyland tickets for all the girls.

They don't get to do things for free, and so that's why we pay to do it. But it SO worth doing, and so you should definitely go to the open call to see what you and your daughter will think.


NAM is not like any other business. They have you sign a contract (Official Application) before you receive ANY information, both at Open Call and online.

This is NOT the way to enter contract negotiations. This is not "getting real," as NAM labels themselves. Trickery is built on cracked foundation.

NAM won't last. Mark my words.


It's all about money! Absolutely nothing is free.

By the end I spent over $1000 for my 4 year old daughter. She won in the talent show, got a trophy and ribbon. That was it.

I totally thought is was a rip off and scam. And i noticed that the people that spent more money were Winning things that they didn't deserve to win


It shouldn't be free! setting up productions is expensive.

It doesn't matter how much you spend, some people spend double of what you said you spend and don't win, some spend the same as you.

It all comes down to how prepared and how well you know the system. Your daughter either has what it takes or she doesn't, but don't be sour grapes because she didn't do well.


Sour grapes have nothing to do with rotting grapes. NAM is not built on ethical foundation.

The team of NAM directors won't last with such practices. Go onto any web traffic site, type in National American Miss, and you'll see NAM's monthly visits to its website, alone, at its lowest levels.

It's amazing that Ford still sponsors the pageant with a Ford Mustang! If they only knew what really goes on at NAM.


That is not true..i have participated in NAM for 3 years now and i won my state 1st runner up. The girl who won the crown was her first time and she did no other talents.

My first year i participated in 3 optionals and got nothing..i was very sad but i didnt let that discourage me. The 3rd time paid offf and now im getting ready for nationals and i have to say i have learned a lot.


Trust me, you're not ready for NAM Nationals. Come back after the Nationals and I will GUARANTEE you that you didn't even make Finals. It won't be long before NAM's truth will be exposed.


If she won talent there was a cash award. Since you do not mention that we must assume you are either lying about her winning or conveniently leaving that out. Either way, your credibility is trashed...

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