My friend is *** bent on getting her daughter to California. They pay for everything and get nothing because they have no sponsorship money.

Why is the a legit business and its up to the parents to take the inpatient to discern what is the worth of buying a weekend that gives you nothing in return but shattered dreams. I wish I could convince her not to go but I know I cant I hope someone at least does an expose on the intrinsic details of this organization

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Tell the whole the parents that most girls won't get anything.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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I couldn't agree more. NAM is a scam.

The final competition for NAM is in Orlando, not California. Your friend needs to do her research and enter her daughter in a more legitimate pageant that does not require $600 in entry fees


NAM is in California. MAC is in Florida.

MAC is a scam.

Just google reviews and you will find cheating etc. NAM is amazing.

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