First of all, I would like to know where these so called judges come from? My daughter was just in a NAM pageant on July 4th weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.

This one particular judge had on a stripped dress that was shorter than my hair. Not only was it tight but it was very unprofessional. She also had tattoos on her body. Who was she that she could judge the appearance of anybody.

Next, my daughter along with other girls parents were told that we could not help our daughters get dressed before their big finale. My daughter had about three minutes to change into her gown and no assistants was available from the supposedly aides that would assist them in getting dressed. My child had to pull tags off of her dress with her teeth then rush to try to get into her gown. Someone needs to let the Marketing Director know, that certain people were not following her rules.

Parents were back there helping their daughters and had I known, I could have helped my daughter but I was trying to do what was asked of us. I guess, some folks can do whatever they want, and people just turn their heads to their wrongness. It was also quite obvious that no matter how bad you messed up in your speech that someone wrote for you and you couldn't memorize it, you could still be chosen to win in almost every category they had, especially if you looked like the judges. My daughter was hurt because she signed up for a $150.00 photo shoot and some of the pictures were dark and the props were also in the pictures.

This pageant just like others was surely judged on "THAT CERTAIN LOOK", and not what all of these girls really had to offer. The same girls kept winning all of the trophies and money. One day I hope and I pray that our girls will be judged by their character and not by the color of their skin.

All I can say is thank goodness for cosmetics. They were the real winners.

Reason of review: unfair event.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

National American Miss Cons: No assistance for the girls, Liked they promised.

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

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Are you saying people with tattoos are not worthy of judging....shallow person you are.....


You are complaining and judging someone because they have tattoos? Wow... Pot calling the kettle black big time.


We've competed 3 years in a row and I've noticed that a lot of the winners are just really well coached! They say that it's supposed to be a "natural" pageant and ANY girl can win as long as she's confident and can be herself.

But truth is, it's the most polished (and sorry to say ...fake) girls are the ones who win! Not the real natural ones. We still compete at NAM because my daughter enjoys it and has fun, but we accept that we will always be in the top 10 and never a winner...simply because I refuse to let her be something she's not. As long as she's having fun then that's all that matters.

NAM still teaches these girls a lot of different things that they will take with them through life...not to mention the memories and making friends. It's not all bad.. Just be sure to research NAM before competing so you know what to expect. As far as the judges are concerned, they all get a guidebook which describes the pageant in detail and how they should be judged.

A lot of the same judges move around and do different age groups, etc. They def know a thing or two about NAM...some are even old competitors.


I am a certified judge for NAM, and I can tell you that the directors I work for are very selective with their picking judges. I have always judged with very well qualified judges.


For $150 entry fee, the photographer takes a picture of the contestants in front of a cheap back drop in the hotel lobby. The judges consist of anyone willing to do the job.

NAM is a scam. Find a more reputable pageant if your daughter is interested


Same experience here in Arizona. Same girls kept winning.

Talent was obviously not taken into consideration, top model please don't get me started, personality seriously, and photogenic you've got to be kidding me. Very discouraging and money hungry organization.

Frightens me they are suppose to be a Christian organization.


I agree . The judges were ***!

My daughter did not win anything. she sang in the talent competition, she's a music major and thought for sure she would at least win that category but didn't even come in fourth place, but instead a young lady won who sang her entire song totally off key. I couldn't believe it! But I guess all that mattered was that she had that look!

This pageant took place in Dearborn Michigan over July 4 weekend. Also disappointing was the lack of diversity


Anyone with minimum pageantry knowledge can apply to be a judge. NAM actually posts ads searching for judges on PUBLIC pageant forums.. exactly why so many pageants end up rigged.

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