After scores are tabulated and the judges know who their top 5 are (4th runner up, 3rd runner up, 2nd runner up, 1st runner up & Queen) they allow the judges to reorder the top finalist, so if a girl earned top scores she may not be Queen, could walk out with nothing as 4th runner up instead of the Queen title and prizes she earned :( This is in tiny print in some of NAM literature, they don't like to advertise this fact. Very unfair and allows favoritism.

My daughter stopped competing after multiple times winning runner up spots at her National American Miss State Pageants. We've spent THOUSANDS and have shelves full of trophies but will not return to NAM UNLESS the pageant does away with allowing the reordering and starts awarding based on actual scores EARNED!

We have MANY pageant friends, often shocked to learn NAM does this, when we spread the word many decide not to compete. Too huge of a financial investment to gamble on the pageant picking and choosing instead of sticking to actual scores.

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: unfair scoring/winner selection.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Change in policy, award titles and final placement based on real/actual contest scores, do away with reordering..

National American Miss Pros: Confidence earned.

National American Miss Cons: Reordering by judges.

Location: 21 3rd St, Elmer, NJ 08318, USA

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You are absolutely right. But, there's more to this. Read Producing Beauty Pageants: A Director's Guide, 2nd Ed., (by Anna Stanley), Chapter 14, "Judging" under "Rank Scoring Finals."

You can even read this chapter for FREE on Amazon.

As a parent, and even a contestant, this information is just good to know before you sign the Official Contract (application).


@NAM MOM what is misguided? Multiple tie for same scores?

That doesn't seem likely.

What is your source for this information? Do you work for NAM?


No, every pageant does NOT do this! Miss America for example throws out all top 5 scores and final scores are tabulated for on stage final show performance, there is NO REORDERING by the judges! The scores determine the winner.


Actually when the Top 5 are being looked at during finale they are doing exactly what you just said. Scores are not looked at, they are hard ranked and that is what happens at Miss America, USA and other pageants.


I said they should be scored again rather than just re-ranked and the score should be added to all PREVIOUSLY earned scores. MO Miss American & Miss USA do not do it this way, those systems do wipe out all previous scores after narrowing down to top finalists THEN the girls re-compete, they do on stage interview questions, etc. At NAM the girls are just being looked at, no re-competing and quickly reordering which could end up with the lowest scoring finalist taking the queen spot just because she looked best in a final few seconds, that's not right or fair to the girl with the highest scores for all previous competitions in the pageant.


Every pageant does that. From NAM, to IJM, USA, Universe and Miss America. That's how pageants are run and it's a well known fact.


It makes sense to re-rank the top contestants since there is always a high possibility that two or more girls could end up with the same score. I see no problem with them doing this and think that its totally fair!

I've been a NAM mom for several years and I love the organization and what they stand for. Instead of complaining about not winning a crown and banner, yes...even after years of investment, consider the lessons of grit, resilience, patience, and overcoming obstacles that it teaches your daughter.

Your post, although passionate, is misguided in my opinion and I would hate for others to be misled in their decision to participate in this great organization. The judging is fair.

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