My daughter has done this for years! Yep, its costly, yep, she still hasn't won Queen in the contest...

but she is a Queen in so many other ways... confidence, sportsmanship, public speaking, courage, friendship, losing with grace and dignity and determination to try again. She does it for the joy of friendship and the spirit of competition... she goes to have FUN!

Yep, it breaks me every year but life is too short and the world is too dangerous not to raise a child with these qualities.

She started at 6 and is now 15...we are proud members of the NAM family. Again, if you are dissatisfied and think it is unfair, then you really have missed the boat on what the girls go here to accomplish.

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

National American Miss Pros: Teaches kids life skills, Friendly people, Boost confidence.

Location: Louisiana, United States

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It will break you even more when, one retirement day, you will be too broke to retire. Why not save your money for your future, or that of your daughter's, so that one day you can provide the seed money of a down-payment for a home?

The thousands of dollars that you spend annually at NAM, could be invested in your financial future -- or that of your daughters. Meanwhile, NAM officials ARE purchasing investment properties all over the nation with the money that you gave them; check public records for that truth.


Why don't you mind your own business and not worry about how their money is spent. How do you know that they don't already have that covered as well?

If you don't choose to do this for your daughter, that your business, but don't judge others that do. And you obviously missed the part where she said how much her daughter has learned from it.

Can you put a price on that? I can't.

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