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I received today a letter from National American Miss, Inc. (NAM), 718 Harpeth Parkway West, Nashville, TN 37221, telephone (281) 496-9000 under the signature of "Kathleen Mayes, State Director" inviting my daughter to attend "an Open Call" in Orlando, Florida on either Sunday, April 28, Saturday, May 4, or Monday, May 6 at various locations in the Orlando metro area.


that's all fine & dandy, but there's one important tiny little detail that these people have missed in casting their far & wide dragnet to entice people to enter their children into this opportunity to part with hard earned cash....

I do not have a daughter! Is there something National American Miss would like to tell me?

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I had received the same letter. Any feedback?

My daughter never been in any pageant. She sings, cheer and dances. But no experience at pageants. I would like to know the fees, how that works, how they get the letter.

What are the positive outcome. Also, if someone participated already and let me know how much was the investment and if it was worth it.


Definitely not worth it unless you pay for everything in the pageant including all 'optional' contests. They tell you that they are not judged according to those contests but in reality they are.

The girl that was crowned Alabama state queen last night paid for every optional contest which were $175 each and won every one of them.

It's a scam and all about who has the most money. I saw a lot of upset girls and parents last night and it broke my heart because it's not about how beautiful they are or what their personalities are like it's about how much money parents can fork out.

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