After spending to have pageant training, buying all the “correct” attire, and covering traveling cost I would say NAM is a huge scam. I am not doubting that it helps build self confidence and is enjoyable for the children but that is the pitch they brain wash in your head from the first time you attend an open call. Every parent wants to give their children an experience of a lifetime. However, almost everyone who placed in the princess division age 4-6 had already turn 7 this year and was as they say “pageant” trained. I am not saying they didn’t deserve it, I just think when you put a 6 to 7 yr old up against a new 4-5 year old obviously their is going to be a huge difference in the performance.

Now let’s talk casual wear...from what they said, just wear your favorite outfit you have in your closet. Then you see these girls on stage wearing costume like outfits. If that is what you are looking for then say wear your most creative piece.

Interview attire was suppose to be professional suit or dress with a sweater. I don’t know, but I am pretty sure some of the outfits I saw on the winners would never be one I would want to see walk into my office for their first interview and try to get a job. Then you have the introduction/resume, in school teachers do not want the parents doing their homework so when you are are competing in a 4-6 age group you probably should not have your parents or pageant coach write your introduction. Kudos to the girls for memorizing them and pulling them off. I just remember sitting their listening to them and thinking how fake they sounded. Half of the girls were natural intros and half were “pageant perfect”. I don’t think I need to say which ones ended up on stage that night of finals.

Overall, I was proud of my daughter for doing so well for her first pageant. I knew going into it that it was a long shot. I wanted to believe it was not the scam that everyone says it is. I will continue to let my daughter compete in other pageants if she wishes. I just think NAM needs to reevaluate their intentions. Be true to the type of pageant you are and not manipulate people into believing something completely different.

For all of you who have your daughter win and will knock my opinion...remember everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone’s experiences in life are different.

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My question is, where did this organization get my daughters address in the first place. I've never solicited this organization nor any other business of this type. This is sensitive information and I'm a little disturbed that this type of info is up for grabs by who knows who.


They asked the girls for recommendations, and someone actually wins a trophy for the most recommendations. So the girls in the pageant or their parents make a list of every girl they know with their address.

Some girls go overboard and list everybody in their Church directory or middle school yearbook or whatever. Say there are 50 girls in your age division, and each girl turns in 100 names. That’s 5000 cards that go out the next year. You don’t have to respond to the card and you don’t have to go to the pageant.

You can just throw it out with the rest of what you considered junk mail if you want to. But that’s how you got a card.


Accurately well said. You can’t deny facts,


Your comments come from a place of not understanding pageants. Did you do any research?

Did you look on Facebook? How about on YouTube. If not, you did your daughter an injustice. Would you accept a job at a company without understanding what the company does?

Would you send your child to a school or college without doing some searching? How about buying a Home?


Well first off, I did do research on the pageant and paid for pageant coaching. Maybe you should learn to comprehend what you read before you comment.

There are many different types of pageants and I get that. I am going strictly based off the information we were given at the NAM sessions we participated in.

Next time you want to put your comment on something think before you speak. Your comment is irrelavnt to what I wrote about.


I can tell by your name that you are fully invested in the pageant world , and that’s fine. Please don’t be so dismissive and judgemental about the opinion of others


Parents should not write a contestants answers. PERIOD.

THIS IS CALLED CHEATING. PERIOD. If you think otherwise you are delusional. What a terrible life lesson to give your young, impressionable daughter.

"Don't worry sweetie, Mommy will will fill in the answers on the the pageant test. It's okay to cheat as long as we WIN!"

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