I want to start by saying if you are in the pageant scene you know that it is impossible to escape the seemingly political way things are run. With that said, having competed in MANY national pageants from Cover Miss To World's Perfect, I would have to say NAM tries to break this mold.

Yes, it is questionable to me how the same girl can win one year, sit out her reigning year, and come back to win a second crown upon return. BUT, this aforementioned girl has become one of my best friends in my years competing and THAT is what NAM is all about. They tell you from the start that you will make life long friendships. They even encourage you not to put your goals into the crown but rather the experience you gain.

I took this to heart this last year I competed. I went with a message to share. Sure, the crown would have been nice, but I went with the sole purpose of sharing a message that was very dear to me. My desire was to shed light on a topic that is frustratingly ignored, and I walked away accomplishing that goal!

As well, I recently had an audition and an interview with a performing arts college. They traveled the US auditioning thousands of people only accepting 120. I went for the experience only sure I didn't"t stand a chance. I not only received a call of acceptance but was told my audition and interview score was one of the top national scores.

I give this credit to NAM. I have grown so much in my interview experience as well as my stage presence. My advice for those seeking participation in NAM is, do not put your sites on the crown or the prize money. Put it on the growth you will make as a person.

Open yourself up and enjoy the process everything else will just be a bonus. If you do that, you will ALWAYS succeed.

Reason of review: Work hard to encourage friendships and personal growth..

Location: Apopka, Florida

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So proud of you! Thank you for the positive review.

My daughter will be entering NAM soon and we are looking forward to the experience.

Many people have asked why it last 3 days? You have helped w that answer.



I am so glad you found it helpful! I think it is so important to find the positive in life rather than searching for the negative.

There is enough of the that out there already. Especially for us girls. Yes, it is three days, I believe to avoid the hustle and bustle of pageantry. But again, every national pageant or World pageant I have been in has been 3 days or more.

Nationals in California is a week long. It is all age levels so the events aren't spread out.

The best part is that it gives you down time to get to know the girls. :)

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