OK folks no one is being taken and you definitely do not win NAM by spending money. You win by practicing and improving your skills. Fact is the girl who is most poised, knows what they are supposed to do, has learned how to put on pageant makeup and do pageant hair (And I do not mean glitz *** I mean model worthy hair and make up) has a dress that fits them correctly and will show well on stage and has practiced, practiced, practiced walking in their dress, with their escort, worked on interview questions and personal introduction will win. Folks this is a pageant and it takes skills to do well. Yes we have spent a ton of money over the three years my teen daughter has been doing this. But it has been worth every penny. I could have put all that money towards her college but she would not have grown like she has with out experiencing NAM. If you don't appreciation COMPETITION then don't do pageants. They are completely subjective and on any given night the judges may just not like a brunette. My daughter is only 5'4" so she has to be even better than the 5'10" girls to be competitive. That is just how it goes. But guess what she is and she keeps learning and keeps trying and this year was second runner up. She has been in the top six every year. But she works at it all year. Not just the night before pageant. She knows she still needs to polish herself to take home a crown and she continues to find ways to improve. She plans on doing Miss America someday and trust me when my daughter says she is going to do something she does and NAM has helped her become this focused. NAM is professionally run and as fair as any pageant can be. They are becoming more competitive every year but what is also great is that they are super fun too.

So get over yourselves life is going to make our girls cry again and again because guess what it is not nor will it ever be fair. One thing competing in something like NAM does is help to understand how to deal with not winning and picking yourself up and trying again.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Troy, Michigan

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