My daughter has been in NAM for few years and she loves it!!

NAM is a program designed for today's girl. This pageant helps girls grow and expand ideas about who they are and what they would like to achieve. I like "no makeup rule" for under 12 years old.

Yes, of course there is sponsor fee like any other pageants, but you don't have to sell advertising pages to enter this pageant. (the other pageants require to sell their program book ad pages.)

NAM sponsor fee pays for the cost of producing the pageant, awards, trophies, acholarships...

People who saying negative about NAM, because their daughter didnt win the state pageant. I understand those parents are mad and dissapointed, but your daughter should learned something from NAM pageant experiences...my daughter did. She gained poise, self-confidence, and valuable communication skills, and she made amazing friends at the pageant weekend.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Spokane, Washington

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Can you tell me what kind of fees there are? My daughter received an invitation to an open call..

I'm not sure if when we go to this free event, that there will be something further we need to register for or not. I'm not working, just in school right now and I do not have the funds for anything =( the one thing we went to ended up costing $900, which I didn't have, but made it happen and nothing ever came of it. She placed highly, there were all these agents there and so on..

I'd like something legit. She's so beautiful and everyone says she is going to be famous, she needs to be involved in this kind of thing and I feel bad that because I cannot financially make it happen, she is missing out on a lot.


We didn't receive this year's packets so I can't tell you the exact sponsor fee but I believe it's about $440.

NAM is not a beauty pageant, so you will see there are all shapes, sizes, and colors.

The most important things are communication skill and confidence for this pageant. My daughter can talk about almost anything during the interview and public now.

After my daughter finally won WA Pre-Teen division last year, there are more opportunities like photo shoot, singing National Anthem, visiting schools, community services... And NAM Washington queens and covergirls will participate Junior Lilac Parade tomorrow.

I think it's worth it to join NAM.

Come to the open call May 28th DoubleTree Hotel at 1pm or 3pm. (It takes about 45 minutes)We will be helping there.


I can tell you what kind of fees there are.

There are a WHOLE CHAPTER of fees -- which can be found in Anna Stanley's book, Producing Beauty Pageants: Open Call, Chapter 12, "Full Financial Disclosure at Open Call."

You can find this book on Amazon. If you click on the cover where it says "Look Inside," you can likely read the chapter for FREE!


The "FREE event" you are referring to is Open Call.

Learn everything you need to learn about Open Call by reading Anna Stanley's book, Producing Beauty Pageants: Open Call. The 350-page book is available on Amazon, and the Kindle edition is priced at $0.99 at this writing.

Highlights of the Open Call book:

Chapter 6: The Letter

Chapter 8: Behind Open Call Scenes

Chapter 9: The Official Application (Contract) Chapter 10: Drop Off Chapter 11: Refund Policy Chapter 12: Full Financial Disclosure Chapter 13: NAM Open Call in Session Chapter 17: Transparencies: A NAM Open Call Picture

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