All I can say is after having read all these negative comments, I feel that many of the parents who are complaining did not read the information packets that came in the mail. They detail all of the "required" fees such as the production number outfit and finale tickets.

The dresses and interview outfits will cost money, but if you are frugal, you can find some great deals online. I saw some complaints about fees associated with staying in a hotel. No one is required to stay at the pageant hotel. If free breakfast and a cheaper rate are important, stay elsewhere and drive to the pageant hotel every day.

Plenty of people do that. Take food with you instead of splurging on restaurants during your pageant weekend. This is supposed to be fun and it is not difficult to avoid spending a huge amount of money. My daughter has participated in this pageant for years and we look forward to returning every time.

The money spent is well worth the change we have seen in her from quiet and shy to confident and unafraid to speak in front of others. You have to go into it with a positive attitude and you will enjoy the experience!

Reason of review: Good quality.

National American Miss Pros: Teaches kids life skills.

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The problem with these information packets that come in the mail, is that they are sent well after unsuspecting parents/over-18-year-old girls have signed in consent to NAM's legally-binding contract: its Official Application.

When they signed this contract, unbeknowst to most, they consented to NAM's "No Refund Policy," before they even were given NAM's complete financial disclosures.

So, after attending NAM's Pageant Prep Training Session, where a bit more financial disclosures are "disclosed," if any contestant/parent wants to withdraw from the pageant upon learning of new additional expenses that they were not made aware of before paying the first sponsorship installment, they can; however, they won't receive a refund.

Anna Stanley's book, Producing Beauty Pageants: Open Call, Chapter 11, "Refund Policy" and Chapter 12, "Full Financial Disclosure" will shed light on what expenses contestants and their families face, in the event they want to participate.

These chapters can be read, for FREE, on Amazon. Simply "click inside" on the cover and seek out these chapters.

Knowledge is power.


Well, Said. See you next time.


I agree, this will be my first time, but I already know that my girls (2 of them) will be just participating. I know they won't win, the package clearly says to go to California you have to sell Ads, and we didn't, but is like you said, I want my girls to be able to speak in front of people and feel confident. I am not asking for a price is just like a training fee.

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