My grandaughter recently competed in a

NAM Pagent. Although the experience was not altogether unpleasant, it was certainly poorly done as far as age brackets are concerned.

She had to compete with 10 to 13 year olds. Out of the 167 girls in this age group there were only 7 close to her age. She missed the age cut off by 15 days, there fore competing with 10,11,12 13 and 7 almost 14 year olds. My granddaughter was poised, articulate, beautifully dressed for every catagory, an active participant in 5 events and was pointed out by every family we passed as we traveled back and forth throughout the hotel.

However, it was obvious to us as well as most everyone we came in contact with that she was clearly miss placed, should have been in the age group above and this put her at a huge disadvantage. She looked, acted, dressed, spoke and generally presented herself far outside the norm. There is a huge physical, mental,emotional and social difference between 10 and 13 &1/2. The age brackets should be revamped, or another added .

The competition was not at all meant for this age contestant . We felt that it was more of a. "money only "event rather than a confidence building, esteem raising, social and educational genre.

We were dissapointed and disillusioned and wll seek a more legitiment and genuine event for her to participate in. I might add that we heard this same concern voiced repeatedly even before the crowning event.

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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