What a scam. Unless you have money to throw away and your daughter is going to participate in every actvity that pays them its a scam.

When my tally hit 1500.00 for the pagent weekend i said *** no...they are not about personal beauty but how personal you are with your check book. Sure they showcase overweight pagent winners to lure you in and give you a vision that even your ugly kid could win, sorry my opinion is harsh but this *** is a scam. Every kid that showed up for first run was called back.

What a pathetic way to inspire young girls. And they dont give the actual cost up front....if you think its only 480.00 or what ever the entry is your totally blinded.

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Houston, Texas

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Dear Houston, TX.

I'm sure the positive response was written by your state Director as she lives in Colorado. Lara Kelsey?

Just FYI, she has a business selling sashes and crowns (Crowns and Sashes LLC organized 12/17/2015) under her married name in Colorado.

Lara Iacometti.

Her 2 daughters won, and one of them is now working for NAM as is a sister of Lara's in another state.

You are probably spot on with your assessment of the situation.

Oh, she also earns money writing fake reviews on the side. This is a well organized for profit business.


Since this site is called "pissed consumer" I'm wondering how all the people doing their best to promote the organization find their way here?

I would, dear reader, believe the negative reviews more than the others.

I know for a fact one of the people who is top in the organization in Colorado also makes money on the side writing fake reviews (L.K.).

Yes, who knew you could be paid to write positive reviews, but it's true? You can find out tons about people if you Google their names or e-mails or twitter accounts enough.


I understand your thinking but we dont pay for all the hotel,food,dresses, other outfits,fees,etc. we do what they all do we advertise and get donations from business,family and friends.

Your child should be prepared to go out and do community service that is a big part of her learning in this pageant. In that process she will opportunities to raise money for her favorite charity. There are so many ways to win different events such as thank you notes, tickets sales, miss personality anyone can win these it takes work with the intire family. This pageant is expensive if you're going to buy your daughters win.

This pageant is to motivate, empower and encourage achievement of your daughter. It is hard work that is definitely worth your time for your daughter.

I need help or have questions don't hesitate to talk to your state director. Good luck and God bless

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