National American Miss is a cool contest but very expensive. My 8 year old daughter was a jr.

*** contestant and she had alot of fun. But i have a problem with this company. Thats fine that she didnt win or place but why do they keep picking the same girls over and over to win?

There were 170 girls in her catergory. They kept calling the same girls over and over to win and alot of the little girls that werent called, were in tears

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Sugar Land, Texas

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The problem with NAM is that they advertise that they're perfect for new girls. They're not.

They're a great pageant but they're NOT for new girls. They only say they are to drum up more business. And they get it- hundreds of girls are at every state pageant. BUT if you are truly new to pageants NAM is not a good choice.

Do much smaller pageants like Sunburst or something. NAM is not a good choice until you are experienced, coached and polished.


They called those girls because they did the best. This world is too caught up in everyone is a winner, my daughter competed in this same pageant and we prepared her that no matter what you will do your best and if you don't place or win you will be happy for the girls that do.

She did not cry at all.

Last year was her first year and she did cry, it's a sad thing....but they learn that you can't always be the best, but you can be the best you. NAM also always makes it a point to constantly remind the girls they are beautiful and amazing no matter the outcome of the pageant.

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