My daughter got letter in mail. We went to open call interview.

Got call 2 day later by Sandy Palgrem herself that she was accepted And even recieved certification and paperwork. That interviewers love my daughter personality. Then got a letter yesterday that is was an error and she was not accepted. We had sponsers and everything and money.

All because my daughter aunt works for miss teen.

my daughter got denied the opportunity to compete for her dream.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Works for "miss teen" as in works for NAM or works for a competitor?


Interesting because the Director for Colorado and Texas has 2 daughters who won. One of the Daughters now works for NAM as does a sister of the Director, in AZ I think.

Very interesting.


Count yourself lucky. You saved hundreds of dollars that would have gone to a money cheating company that could care less about your little girl


I am surprised to read this. EVERYBODY gets accepted from the open calls. Plus, many just pay the fees online and never attend an open call.


There is a rule that they state that says that anyone who has family working for the company will not be eligible to compete in their pageants.


I was told it was 60/40. 60% make it. 40% do not.

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