My 10 year old daughter competed in the *** division with NAM for the first time this year and it was a wonderful experience. We were informed of the cost of the entry fees during her very first interview with the program and were also informed that there are additional optional competitions for an additional fee if we were interested in those as well.

I was a little surprise by some of the additional things for sale during the competition during pageant weekend like the cost of the roses, DVDs, and group photos but who wouldn't want those things to take home and keep for special memories. We also assumed that there would be the added cost for hotel and food for the weekend so we where not to surprised in the cost there. She really started to gain confidence from the very beginning just by going to local businesses and asking for sponsorship to help with her entry fees. We loved watching her go from a shy girl that would fidget, look at her feet, was very nervous to talk to people and could not keep eye contact so save her life to an amazing spokes person that now speaks clearly, uses proper posture, will not break eye contact while speaking, and does it with a ton of self confidence.

We did enter a few of the optional competitions not because we thought that it would increase her chances of winning but because she thought that she would enjoy doing them. She did not win any of the optional paid for competitions but she received ribbons for each one she entered and a spirt trophy for entering them so she feels like she did win in a way. She also chose to enter some of the free additional competitions and won first place in the Thank You Card competition and received a trophy for that which was a huge high light to top off the weekend. She did not place in the top ten but did get a trophy for competing and is so happy for the sweet, caring girl who did end up winning the title.

She had a wonderful time during the entire weekend and met lots of very sweet girls that she is planning on keeping in contact with.

I personally have loved watching her grow and blosom since we first received the invitation in the mail and she has already started talking about the things that she needs to practice to get better and wants to start saving now so that she can pay for everything herself next year. We are very please with National Ameican Miss and can not wait to do it again!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Location: Germantown, Maryland

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Your daughter blossomed because of NAM?? Really??

Very sad to hear.

Please don't give this money grubbing company so much credit. There are hundreds of different ways to help our daughters gain people skills and confidence like joining local clubs, school groups, ROTC, church groups, habitat for humanity or developing her own humanitarian project that will be much more impressive on her college application than NAM.


In charlotte 2015, the girls just got lousy certificates. Only the girls who won the photogenic contest and those finalists selected to go on to Orlando received trophies. For $600, it was very disappointing


I suggest finding a more legitimate pageant for your talented daughter. There are several pageants that offer so much more without costing such an outrageous amount.

Don't be ridiculous regarding her nomination into this program, NAM bought your daughters name through another company. That's way anyone can enter without being nominated, just pay $600.


Nam no longer gives the girls a troghy for regionally competing, just a certificate


Is that new for 2016? My daughter and every other girl on the stage for one in August 2015

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