I spent $2,000+ and walked away with nothing.

I went to this pageant with high hopes because it's always been my dream to do a pageant. At the open call they tell you it's 440 dollars which we were ok with, we could no find sponsors so we were okay with paying the 440, when we got there, it was completely different, on top of the 440 you have to pay for opening number shirt and it comes with a bracelet and necklace which heightens the price, the hotel cost and and bunch of other cost they don't tell you about. There are also the optionals which is you don't have to do but if you don't, you will not win. We only had enough for one optional (as we are not a rich family)

When we got to the finale the same 5 girls won everything, all the optionals and placed top 5. The girl who won, I later found out she knew the judges and already had a title with another pageant. This was about 3-4 years ago and I'm friends with one of the girls who placed top 5 on facebook. She posted pictures from this years pageant (2014) and the exact same girls were top 5 and the same girl won.

They made me not only waste my money but my time, my mom has been turned away from pageants completely and it makes feel bad competing in other ones because they may scam me like this one did.

Please save your money, you have a better chance at a cheaper pageant to be honest.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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Valuable blog post , I loved the insight ! Does someone know if my assistant might access a blank a form form to work with ?


Well, considering I was there and my daughter competed (though did not win, but has before) - these allegations are false. All of the expenses are explained up front.

I knew how much optionals were and hotel and opening number shirt. The year my daughter won - she won nothing else. This year one girl won tons of optionals, but did not make Top 5. Do the girls who keep coming back do well?

Yes,because they learn more each year - just like in sports. You don't expect to play professional sports without years of training.


If you've never done one before, then you have nothing to compare it too. You can't expect to win against girls who have been doing pageant their whole lives.

And the costs are not hidden, you just don't know enough about pageants to know what the costs are.

$2000 for a pageant is cheap, considering the gowns and outfits and coaching you'll need if you expect to win. Your complaint here sounds no different that a guy who never played football before but always dreamed of winning a Superbowl complaining he didn't win a spot on an NFL team even though he bought the pads and helmet and went to walk-on tryouts.


Actually, NAM is the most expensive out there. My state's pageant is 500 without optionals.

Miss america's outstanding teen and miss teen usa is only 400 all inclusive, cinderella is 325 all inclusive and All American Girl is only 300 all inclusive. With that, many of our friends love NAM, I just have a hard time seeing why it costs so much more than any other comparable system.


I have a question, My daughter is going to open call thursday on her bday and she will be 9.. What types of things cost $2000.00 I know there is $440 fee you have to pay, but what is all the rest?

Did any one get sponsors?

if so how do you go to a place and ask to be a sponsor?

thanks for any help...


We get sponsors every year. Dance, dentist, friends, bake sale, hairdresser.

We buy gowns on ebay, suits, too. Each optional in 2015 will cost $75 - only do what you really love. Flowers - we don't bother with. Production shirt $40 - it comes with hair bow for younger girls and socks, bracelet, necklace and socks for older girls - to be worn with denim shorts (not too short!) and white tennis shoes.

Hotel is dependant, but you are not required to stay. If you live close enough you can drive or there are other hotels close.

Basic video is $75, and photos are extra - not required. We bring a cooler with food and drinks.


Ummm, there is NO way for the same girl to win state every year, it would have to be every other year.


This is true in our state for sure...there is one girl who wins every year back to back to back ...like 9 consecutive including state and national. My daughter...has learned how to handle disappointment with class and dignity...has learned that there are many things in life that are unfair and also that some parents encourage this unfair and selfish behavior...u can have all the crowns in the world...but being a kind and considerate human being is worth more then the crown trinkets. Really sad for that little girl...


Not back to back. My daughter is a former queen with NAM and I can tell you they do not allow they to compete the year they are doing a give up. Cover Girls can, but that is an Advertising title.


1st they do tell you about the production # money! Also I know allot of people who one without doing optionals, and did you rely walk away with nothing?

Didn't you say you made a friend? I did it this year, and won nothing, but I don't get all mad about it I try again!

I also know someone who knew the judges, and guess what she didn't even make it into the top 9!


I totally agree with you! At the open call NAM likes to hide the other required prices having you thinking wow all I'm gonna be spending is $440 in my case $480 for the pageant and dress!

Such a cheap pageant!-NOT!

They like to hide the other prices but they soon come to you. NAM is full of..


I have been in the Nam program for 2 years and yes they do tell you that you have to pay for all the extra things. They tell you in the call back orientation thing.

And secondly its not always the same girls its the ones who put in the effort year after year, keep trying, and have a positive attitude about it. Yes its expensive but its a prestigious pageant not some petty county/local pageant. Regardless the main reason to go is to build relationships and they tell you that. Also optionals have absolutely zero effect on where you place.

The two girls who won the past two years in my state didnt even do an optional. Or at least the didn't place for it.

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