My daughter started in NAM 5 years ago being very shy and not confident in herself. She didnt place the first 3 years yet we kept coming back because she had a blast, grew in countless ways, learned lifelong skills, and made some great friends!

NAM has completely changed her and i couldnt say enough good things about it! I see many people get discouraged and say the pageant is rigged when their daughter doesnt place, or that it is too expensive, etc. However, this pageant is as fair as it gets. Yes sometimes old queens keep coming back and winning year after year but they dont win because theyve won before, they win because they earn it on their own.

When it comes to parents complaining about fees, all the fees are laid out from the very start, it seems as if many people dont read their magazines fully! The staff doesnt an excellent job of organizing such large amounts of girls, they deserve a lot more credit than they get!

Overall this is a fair pageant, take it from someone who has had a daughter not place. I think its easy to blame ones daughter not placing on the pageant but the bottom line is that it just takes hard work and practice!

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NAM deserves no credit. The company is a scam.

The only organization is when they take your fees, everything else was very disorganized and chaotic.

The staff doesn't even wear name badges to identify themselves, I wonder why? The hotel staff did a better job giving the girls direction as NAM staff were too busy collecting money


You have NAM confused with some other pageant. We recieved a program book at the event with photos and biographies of all the staff, plus they wore lanyards that identified themselves clearly.

Good signage, good schedule, very organized, friendly staff, ran on time. My kids do several sports and have done a few pageants.

NAM was a lower total cost than any of it. Was well worth it for us.

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