Hi NAM is legitimate but VERY VERY EXPENSIVE!!! Besides the dresses, outfits, gowns, required staying in first rate hotels, charges for photographs submitted for photogenic (all of which should be professionally done), the cost for state and national competitions is high.

If you or your family is talented at selling ads or know business owners who will support you by buying advertisements, those sales can help pay for the official costs.

If you win Miss Photogenic for your state you are guaranteed to go to Los Angeles but all costs for everyone except the winner of the overall State crown are responsible for all costs relating to the nationals.

Just thought you should know.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

National American Miss Pros: Friendly people, Teaches kids life skills, Boost confidence.

National American Miss Cons: No assistance for the girls, Pricing, Handicapped friendliness for families.

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

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NAM was a very disappointing experience. On stage, the girls appeared very awkward and didn't know which way to go.

Most of them walked to the middle of the stage, turned in a circle and walked back off stage.

This company did a very poor job in preparing these girls. Overall, I thought the show in charlotte was a disaster


They can't hold all of the girl's hands and coach them, if you're upset about that you should have not been a cheapo and paid for a coach.


The girls are suposto walk on stage with there escort. The escort lets go, let's the girl walk in a slow hula hoop size circle,then stand on a smiley face so then they can make eye contact with some judges while there waiting for there escorts to return to there side.

Then they walk of stage. Your suposto go to a reversal earlier in the day to practice your walk with your escort.


Yeah, it is a REQUIRED practice. And if you don't have an escort just tell them at practice and another escort from somewhere else in the line will work double duty. No one walks alone...

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