I recently attended our first year's pageant with my daughter and husband the age category was 7-9. First, I would have to say this company is about recruiting girls of all ages and getting money from their parents.

Next,with the income NAM makes the hotel's where they have the pageants are very cheap and somewhat outdated. During this whole process only certain girls have a chance at winning girls that know people or that spends a lot of money. While I would assume the pageant is for the girls it seems as though the parents coach and prep their kids to say their speech, but most of them forgot what to say or they are so coached these 7-9 year old girls sound like professors in college. They should say building confidence, self tools and self esteem of their parents not them.

I don't think you can expect a 7 year old to speak and have the same poise as a 9 year old, As, for the Winner they choose; its sending messages to the other children if you speak, walk, interact like a trained tool you can be the next National American Miss Queen. I also, have to add that the optionals are less pleasing as they charge $50-$150.00 dollars on optional events only for the same winner to win all or most of the categories which is dishearting for a child to not have a chance at winning and to charge $150.00 for Top Model and get 5 minutes of time is even more concerning and speaks that this company is all about money you don't receive a medal or nothing for even entering these optionals; Lastly the over priced Gift Store yes, we can afford these items and our daughter received them, but for someone less fortunate is sad to over price these items for children wanting something special. Not only do they not even notice your child after the pageant as the director walked right by and not 1 good job for trying they act as though you weren't even there. I have submitted referrals, did I mention that you get a award for the most referrals talking about using out children for your greed is horrible.

I have since contacted all of our referrals to let them know the truth about NAM. I'm so blessed my daughter is confident and special to know that she did not want to go back next year and not be affected by the disappointment of not winning anything. They say your child is a finalist but, I have never heard of state finalist being 140 children to me it was another way to make $500,0000. on 1 pageant that has 5 age categories with everyone paying for optionals,gift store and pictures that was $650.00 for a video and CD and a couple of pictures not to mention the group photo wasn't even free $35.00 for a group picture is seriously overrated.

I never attend another NAM pageant nor share this company with any of my friends or family. I'm not bitter but only feel the right to tell the truth.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Location: Columbia, Missouri

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Yes, I have seen the same girls win the different contests over and over. However, there are different crews of judges and I do not believe anyone is paying off anyone or knows anyone or anything like that.

Yes, it is normal that a 7 year old will not be as experienced at some things as a 9 year old, but the contest itself is an experience.

The 7 year olds, especially that make friends with the 9 year olds learn a lot. Sometimes the younger kids do win (and the 9 year olds learn something).

Why do the same kids seem to win over and over?

Some girls are just coming in better prepared.


I completely agree. We were extremely disappointed by this organization.

The staff doesn't wear badges to identify themselves and the whole weekend was chaotic and disorganized. 2 judges actually left during the pageant and didn't come back until 15 contestants later


Do you not get tired of sounding like a broken record? Out of the 75 comments I've read, your repeated trashing of this organization is getting a bit old.

I think we got it the first (twenty) times. Find a new soapbox.


I found your post very helpful. I will be including this link in my upcoming pageant book.

Can you contact me? I can't leave too much info here. Thanks!

Anna Stanley 619-248-5229. Or email astan33@gmail.com


Did you make a type-o on the cost of the video/DVD/2 photos package? Seriously, $650????

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