Anaheim, California

We LOVE NAM! My niece has participated in 3 state and 2 national pageants. She has not won the title but has enjoyed the journey! She loves giving in the community and being a part of the pageant has encouraged her to do more. The pageant encourages everyone from what I have experienced. We have met some of the nicest people from across the country.

Through the experience I have seen my niece grow, she writes thank you notes, has a resume, blossoms with ideas to help others and improve our community.

In the pageant I hear introductions with young ladies who are ready to lead our country and world in the right direction.

The talent is extraordinary! Speeches, interview skills, I could go on and on... We are always on time thanks to NAM who has things down to a T.

Nobody's perfect and things happen but with the number of pageants that are going on simultaneously its incredible the way it runs so smoothly.

You have a choice to decide for yourself if you will get sponsors. You are not required to stay in an expensive hotel. I don't understand the complaints?

I have had great experiences with National American Miss. I am grateful for the experience. Many blessings to the staff to keep doing what you're doing!

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Same here :) WE LOVE NAM. I'm shocked what people are writing. Most have t even done the pageant to give a fair review of the system.


biggest scam my dauther got her hopes up

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