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Yes I believe it! I have been thinking of getting my daughter into modeling, she's 14 years old, she received a letter with an invitation code, I was skeptical so I naturally went on their site and read about it, I thought, hmm well it isn't exactly modeling (as the letter read, for modeling or acting) so I ended up putting her invitation code in and they responded for her to be at a certain place this week.

Her father and I could not for the life of us wonder how she got "selected", we had yet to do prior research on modeling for her and she had not either, BUT SHE HAS INSTAGRAM! Thanks for that tip. Last night we went online and researched even more and realized their was a $480 dollar registration fee, as soon as my husband saw that, he new for CERTAIN it was a scam. He was pi**ed, he said to me, this is how they work they're going to fill your and her head with a bunch of **** and talk you into paying the registration fee, then later tell you she needs a portfolio, which will cost thousands, string both of you along and we could wind up paying upwards to 50,000 to 100,000.


I'm going to say that it is set for a later date, BC a true modeling agency, if they see something in her, THEY pay for the portfolio, so I am calling around this whole week trying to find a LEGITIMATE modeling agency. Thank you for your post, I hope others read this BC this is soooo wrong to do, especially to the kids.

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Modeling agencies don't pay for your portfolio. Talent agencies don't either.

You do - the agencies should never charge you a fee to be a client. That's what you shouldn't pay to know its legit.


Nam isn't an agency it's a pageant. They send invites to to girls who are interested in modeling and acting because those types of girls tend to like competing and when competing they can meet agents. Nowhere is this an agency


Wow. None of that is true.

They do have "modeling competitions" that are in the optional category but they absolutely do not ask you to pay anywhere near the money you are talking about. It's like $75 to $100 (not positive on the amount), and you get to keep the disc with all of the photos. If anything you get a modeling portfolio at a fraction of the price you would normally pay a professional photographer. NAM is a reputable organization that teaches girls to have self confidence, develop public speaking skills, etc.

The fees are a few hundred dollars (that's because their competitions aren't held in the conference room of a Hampton Inn) but they put on a spectacular event. Normally I don't respond to posts when I look at complaints but I thought the assertions you were making are absolutely ludicrous.

Your husband, most likely, just wants to discourage your daughters participation in pageants because of the expense, however, it is nowhere near the astronomical amounts you're espousing and the life skills these girls learn through this organization are priceless. As far as I can tell most of the complaints here are from parents who were disappointed with the outcome of their daughters pageant (because they didn't win) and therefore proclaim National American Miss to be a scam.


You should have done more research.


It's a pageant not modeling so yes it cost n it's not a scam


This is a pageant not a modeling agency.


Hi! I recently went to open call actually at the courtyard Marriott in Gulfport for teen division and I got chosen as a state finalist.

Believe me, I've prepared myself entirely for all of this. I've known people to do this pageant and they say the most you spend for the actual pageant itself is truly 480-500. Now I'll be spending more because I'm doing optional contests which cost more, and once you buy your dress and such your personal price will go up. But for the actual, legit pageant, the amount truly is only 480-500 (varies if you do optionals.) It REALLY helps to look up vlogs on YouTube about girls who have been in it.

Danielle Purtell was in the pageant, and her videos she did about it explain literally everything you'd want to know. She explains prices, how to raise sponsorship fees, even how to save money on pageant weekend.

I've even personally spoken to her and it helped. Check her out!

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