National America miss is a BIG scam! My daughter was very excited to have been submitted although I'm now convinced this company bought her name through another business.

Not wanting to break her heart, I allowed her to attend the regional competition in charlotte, NC in November 2015, thinking she would at least gain some 'life skills'. This company did absolutely nothing for these girls but take their money. They showed a video during the initial interview of the parents and girls mingling and having fun, never happened for our crew. The photogenic contest involved the photographer taking a picture in front of a backdrop in the lobby of the hotel.

The staff do not wear badges to identify themselves so nobody knew who to go to for help. They were very disorganized during the first day of the pageant weekend and it was total chaos. The judges took an extended dinner break while the girls sat waiting nervously and absolutely nobody was there to give them tips and inspiration but the parents. After the apparent director realized the judges were behind schedule, I heard him tell the girl with the stop watch to 'speed the process up'.

The girls were only allowed a 3 minute interview with the judges, but on Sunday he told the audience that the girls were allowed 5 minutes. During the actual pageant there were NO dressing rooms as stated, but one giant conference room for all the girls to change. My daughter was horrified! Also forget about mirrors or plugs for make up and curling irons, just floor space, chairs and conference tables.

The original coordinator who was present during the training session was very peppy, personable and awesome with the girls but nowhere to be found during pageant weekend.

I was very disappointed with this company. They are making a small fortune off the hopes and dreams of little girls and giving them nothing in return.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Summerville, South Carolina

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Well, this wasn't National American Miss. During November all of the state pageants are complete and all staff are preparing for Nationals in Anaheim, CA.

The rest of the information is nothing how the state pageants are run. So, not sure which system you are really complaining about.


California?? The finalists for NAM go on to Orlando. Your comment must be referring to another teen pageant.


Nope. National American Miss goes to CA for Nationals.

My daughter has been a state queen twice. MAC also known as CoEd goes to Orlando.


NAM is in California and MAC in Flordia


Ummm no. The Nationals are in California.


National America miss is one of the biggest scams I've ever seen. They could care less about our little girls, all they want is their money.

I am so embarrassed to tell all the sponsors that their money went to a very greedy company who gave nothing to the girls in return but a lousy certificate.

The girls were taught nothing and there were no social events planned like the video displayed during the initial interview. The event alone cost $595 plus $20 each for tickets!!

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