I have tried contacting Sandy to find out WHY my daughter was accepted by phone and received her packet in the mail and a couple days later received this letter stating my daughter had been accepted in error...HOW do you claim to be a self confidence building program when you tear that away from a young lady?? I already had sponsors that I had to return their money too because of your unprofessional act. I would like an answer as to WHY this company feels it is ok to rip apart a young ladies dreams of competing, I have tried for several days now to speak to Sandy Palmgren but no response I have contacted the "corporate office" in Houston with no resolution, such an unprofessional, unethical, and disheartening way to handle this situation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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Strange. My calls and emails get returned.


This company is a scam and will never return your phone call. The best we can do is spread the word so that this company is forced out of business


I'm so sorry, but if you're daughter is related to anyone judging any National American Miss Pageant, she is automatically disqualified. National American Miss does a background check on all contestants after they are accepted as state finalists, so that's why your daughter was accepted and then disqualified.


Let me preface this by saying my daughters have enjoyed participating in NAM pageants, and have placed in Top 5, even though they are impersonal. NAMgirl - Your response is based on everyone following the rules.

It is a very slippery slope. At two NAM state pageants, under the same director, I've seen girls compete that have sister queens, parents of their coaches, etc., on the judging panel. Technically, the judges are supposed to let the director know and refrain from judging the girls they know. Sometimes that happens and sometimes not.

Parents are also supposed to let the director know if there's any conflict of interest. Some do and some keep quiet.


Actually, that is untrue. NAM does NOT do a background check..

(IE: Michigan's Miss Coed Queens judging NAM.. then their sister queens became NAM queens)

NAM will only "throw out" scores and replace them with their average if a parent reports it.

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