New to pageants, but the amount that was paid in per contestant, does not reflect in the take away of a TShirt and socks, bracelet and necklace.

There should have been more workshops, and group activities. Less alacart.

Everything was an extra expense.

Location: Royal Oak, Michigan

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If a pageant applicant wants to know complete financial disclosures of NAM's expenses, they won't find this out until well after they pay the first sponsorship installment.

To learn about such expenses, before you attend Open Call or fill out an online application, read Anna Stanley's book on Amazon: Producing Beauty Pageants: Open Call, Chapter 12, "Full Financial Disclosure at Open Call."

Then, once you understand what you (or your daughter) will be facing, and you still want to participate, more power to the crown -- yours and the winners!


My daughter participated in NAM for her second pageant. She had 2 weeks to prepare, but she put in the work.

She won State and went on to place Top 10 at Nationals. All fees were on the website and we chose which categories in which to participate. The only must, was the overall registration fee. The optional contests are just that-optional.

After competing in NAM for 4 years, she has made friends forever and has amazing interview skills. The key to NAM and any other pageant is to practice and have fun. You do not have to have expensive gowns to compete. One year we pulled a gown out of the closet and she was 3rd runner up at Nationals.

Know, that just like anything else, do your homework, if it is not for you do not participate.

It is a wonderful experience and my daughter hates that she has aged out. We would do it all over again!



This is a professionally (sort of) written response no doubt by the pageant reps themselves.

Do notice that many of these kinds of responses seem to come from the same person, i.e. sound alike.

Who comes to a site called Pissed Consumer to write a positive review? Mamasan?

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