Norristown, Pennsylvania

Sam.. Waste of Money and they definitely are not all non profit.

They send out letters for a fake invite to an open call ( claiming someone submitted their names all Lies they get them online by doing a little search in areas they want kids from from places like on Fb or Instagram etc) which any kid can go to.. accidentally let a parent see scores pretending they didn't to get kids Who's families can spend thousands to buy their way to get into top 10 same the more you spend the more attention your may get if lucky kid most of the kid are pageant pros those get the attention.. all like little clones , a girl who real and natural lie they supposedly want get ignored.. for the highly coached kids who's family spend the most..

.. basically they get girls hopes up with their rah rah pep rally type pre programming for nothing but a participation trophy .. Can you say rip off no wonder this pageant "Company" is banned in a lot of cities and states.. Sad thing is many od these kids belive they have a chance next year so parents pay these *** artist again & again ..

and for what really nobody hires kids for any type acting modeling with a pageant resume.. and it will never have value getting into a good college or living in the real world .. let face it not many of the less affluent kids will ever get to Miss USA or Miss america.. Mother stip putting your kid through thing you could never do as a child and making them think its a good thing..

Check out NAM all the law suits and complaints pending.. they can afford big type high priced law firms fr.. because they are making millions scamming people like you.. And to the Aunt o says its awesome bet you don't pay for it..

blinders are so easy to wear.. better to say No to a kid once then to keep allowing them to go through this *** year after year.. when they could be doing other things that will get them somewhere in life.. besides being more polite..

People spend money or do gofundme for this stuff who don't have any.. some can't even feed the kids they have but they will trow their money down a rat w hold like NAM.. because little whatever their names are want it.. no you do, that why they do thier are kids for god sake..

let them be kids.. they will have enogh disappointment in life and let downs why let them get any from here..

year after year.. do you home work

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I'd be more likely to believe this if the author came across as somewhat literate.


Bad English, hard to comprehend what she said


very false accusation to the number one ranked national pageant.


Its a scam


Dear Anonymous:

With a quick search I am turning up lawsuits against NAM like this one:

Better fact check yourself.


Can you please point me in the direction of the lawsuits pending and/or settled against name and the cities where NAM pageants are banned? I have my own legal action action this SCAM business and the more evidence the better. Thank you!


This review is the real scam because it is full of lies. My daughter has done NAM twice, place top 10 twice and has never been coached, I spent a total of $150 on her wardrobe.

I broke no bank getting her to the pageant.

Best experience she has had and we are going back. I strongly think the people writing these lies should be sued for filth that they are putting out about an organization that is uplifting for these young ladies.


its a scam


Seriously. Learn how to write you ignorant ***.


Thanks for the info


Learn how to write


Does this person know any correct English?


I registered not knowing this.. are they going to use my info to scam me?

I didn't go .. just got the letter today


The post on this page makes no sense. It is full of fabrications and some really bad grammar.

There is absolutely no truth to the claim that NAM is banned anywhere. The lawsuit claim looks ridiculous as well.

The post is just someone spouting off about either not having scored well at NAM, or they are getting it mixed up with some other pageants. When our kids do not achieve whatever their goal was we do them a disservice to attack the football game, science fair, teachers, other families, or any other such thing.

If we do then we teach our kids to get through life blaming others. This post is an embarrasment to the person who wrote it.

As for the idea of protecting your kids from competition, that is just sad. NAM does have a participation trophy for every girl and that is great.

It is a fabulous competition and the kids learn healthy attitudes about competition from it. Not every kid wins.

It would be awful if ever kid actually won. What would they learn?

Too bad this parent missed the message.


i fully agree with this.


My daughter enjoys this, she places something every year we have done it and no we don't spend a fourtune. I agree in some aspects of your post but not all.

How many years did you compete? This is year 5. I think it's in how you perceive the experience, it's good for us so we continue.

I don't see it as a waste if my daughter is learning and we are enjoying it as a family. Good luck to you


this literally made no sense- didn't even bother trying to decode whatever message you are trying to get across. Best of luck in future typing endeavors.

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