Since this pageant was a natural pageant, no bling or make up, a contestant followed the rules to a T but lost to money, bling and glitter. But from the get go, the majority of contestants wore long strands of crystal earrings and necklaces.

Some wore pearls. The purpose of this pageant was simplicity and to let the natural beauty of the child shine. This was not the case in Greenville, SC during June 2014 NAM Pageant. Majority of the contestants did not do the "pretty feet" or have eye contact with the judges.

As a former beauty pageant judge, I was very disappointed in the judges.They focused on the expensive dresses that valued well over $1,000 with Austrian crystals, pearls, and elaborate hair styles. The girls that did win had been enticed to join the modeling agency and had brought money to the pageant. In other words,you bring the money and you will be rewarded with a title. This particular contestant I spoke of in the beginning of my paragraph, had won last year Top Model and Most Photogenic and her parents had spent close to $3,000.

This year her parents did not involve their daughter into the modeling classes, and she won the title for selling the most tickets. Which would only benefit NAM. It is such a shame that this little girl worked hard on poise, charm, grace, stage presentation and really stepped up to the plate and this is not what the judges or NAM is looking for.

They want the MONEY and I will not recommend this pageant to no one, unless you want to buy the title. Its all about how much you are willing to pay out for your daughters ability to capture a title.

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

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100% facts


Disagree with review. It's an excellent pageant and provides life skills my daughter will use forever.

It's real world, and sometimes yes, it's more about who you are or how much money you have, that's life. I disagree that NAM awards girls who spend the most. Life is just like this pageant. There are mean girls, unfair things happen and you get what you pay for.

My daughter has enjoyed every pageant she has done...14 with this pageant system. Only because she has enjoyed the lifelong friendships, she has met girls from around the country who all aspire to be the best version of themselves...our NAMily. I taught her starting in her princess years, this is not about a crown, and not about winning, it's about the journey and what she and our family make of it.

Respect your opinion. Hope you respect mine.


I️ don’t necessarily think that nam picks winners based on how much you spend, because I️ have seen many winners that didn’t do any optionals. Vice versa, there were many girls who did a lot of optionals and didn’t place.


no it's not, u have no idea what u are talking about! National American Miss is so much more!

You gain confidence and public speaking skills, and memories that are beyond measurable. You don't have to pay gallons of money to win, your daughter just has to have the ability to.


Selling most tickets is an award and it really devalues some of the other earned awards. Having the largest family or most relatives within driving distance of the competition really isn't something to get an award for.

The "cover girl" awards (for selling most advertising) is the worst.

The girl who sells the most ads is automatically in the queen's court and gets to compete at Nationals.

There is a lot of good in the NAM experience, but these two things by themselves aren't cool.


Yes, NAM is a scam and they change their locations yearly because they consistently get a bad reputation at prior locations. Thank goodness to social media!

Hopefully with enough effort, we can run this company out of business. They don't care about little girls, just their money


I completely agree with you. My daughter learned only one thing from this pageant.

No matter how intelligent, self-confident, talented or beautiful you are, money ALWAYS wins. They tell you that the girls are only judged on 3 things, personal interview, personal introduction and formal wear. This is not true. The same girls winning were the ones that brought money into the pageant.

There were two divisions for pre-teen, and the differences were unbelievable. They girls that entered the most optional contests and had the most expensive looking gowns were the winners. They spout the same rehearsed speech to the girls at every rehearsal, workshop or orientation. I can't believe they actually believe it themselves.

I asked her about the personal interview and three of the eight "judges" only asked about her taekwondo belt. One of the judges spent so much time asking her a question, she did not have time to answer it. The only talents the judges are capable of judging are singing or dancing. Anything else is ignored, no matter what the pageant people say.

They are only looking for girls that can promote NAM and spend an extravagant amount of money to make them more money. My daughter had more self-confidence before she entered this "pageant" then when she left.

This was the first and last time she will have anything to do with NAM.


While your frustration is understandable, many fail to realize that NAM is still a pageant. In pageants, everyone is girly and sparkly.

The judges don't know how much a girl spent on her dress. They just see how she wears it and how it fits her. Nonetheless, the dress isn't what wins the pageant. As a pageant competitor, I know that every pageant is won in interview.

While poise and presentation matter, the way a girl speaks and converses is the key factor to winning. I'm sorry you believe that money is the only factor in this system. Yes, sparkly dresses win. That's a fact for any pageant, and National American Miss has never expressed any rules that forbid "bling".

Besides, how does the money a girl spends on a dress relate to the money she gives NAM? I'm pretty sure that money goes to whoever sold the dress...


Um, I am sorry, but you clearly have not read the booklets from or participated in the NAM pageant. The thrust of all of the promotional material and rhetoric is NATURAL pageant with a focus in each girl for WHO they are and not what they look like.

PARTICIPANTS ARE TOLD NOT TO WEAR EXTRAVAGANT THINGS DURING COMPETITION AT THE TRAINING SESSIONS. Makeup is discouraged except for *age appropriate* which is subjective anyway. I want to begin by saying that I did participate in the pageant and observed a LOT of disturbing inconsistencies. The pageant is mostly about spending money and earning money for the organization.

Also, the pageant is presented as being FOR ANY GIRL NO MATTER WHAT THEIR BACKGROUND. Even paid extras like photo shoot are advertised as anyone can participate and LEARN how to pose for photos. The whole thrust is for NATURAL and INEXPERIENCED girls to LEARN skills. Sadly, that is not the case with NAM.

Only those who had been through paid training were given any consideration for top positions, and it was openly discussed as such by judges- no secret. Am I angry? No. Was I surprised?

Not really. Would I go again? Most likely not. And for your comment on pageants being won in interview?

In the NAM pageant I personally saw judges call girls by the wrong name, and given only 10-15 seconds to interview while the judges would not even look up or engage the contestant, and then shove them off like cattle. That is not an interview competition. Sorry. Your perception of pageants does not really apply to NAM.

The OP(original poster) was accurate in the description of what I also saw at the pageant.

I am glad I went, it was a valuable lesson in politics and stage experience.


A judge had the audacity to ask an intelligent teenager who her favorite Disney Princess was. The contestant was shocked because she was prepared for intelligent and relevant questions.


How did you see interview, it’s a closed process.


I am not the original poster , but someone else who has seen similar things in another state. Clearly from your comments you did not participate in or read the literature from NAM.

You are under a lot of incorrect impressions. First of all it is enforced to be a NATURAL pageant. Girls are repeatedly told that they are all on equal ground no matter what their background or how they look. The pageant is supposed to be for those who want to LEARN how to gain poise and talents in presenting themselves.

They are told they are NOT to wear makeup or excessive jewelry and that no matter what, they will be judged on who they are and not what they look like. This is simply not true. The bottom line IS money and who can earn the most for the company. Those who won all had modeling classes and extensive training but the others were all there under the information that everyone was on equal ground and this was a learning experience to ENCOURAGE girls, not discourage them.

Again, not true. Even the extras like Photo Shoot was listed as a chance to LEARN how to pose as a model NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY THEY WOULD TEACH YOU. Again not true. The girls who won were all students in modeling classes with photo training.

No instruction at all was given to inexperienced girls. The judges just stared at them and told them to do something. As for the interviewing? You would think that would be true, but at NAM, nope, again not true.

The girls at the pageant in our area were given 10-15 seconds in many cases to interview and some of the judges did not even call the girls by the correct names and then shoved them off to the next interviewer. There were some judges who did not even look up at the girls from their paperwork. Girls who were called by incorrect names were not even given time to correct the interviewer because they were being shoved off to another place. The original poster was correct in their assessment of the NAM pageant.

I also am a person who has been involved in similar competitions and was very disappointed at the amateur way this pageant was handled.

The winners in our area were all those with high monetary investment in the company/pageant somehow, and not in line with the way that the pageant is portrayed in their literature or personally by NAM reps.


We just got back from a wonderful weekend with NAM. My girls got trophies not the crown.

Yes. we spent a bit of money having 2 in the pageant. But they came home full of pride, self worth that they were able to do things that scared them to death. Just participating they overcame fears of public speaking, just getting out of their bubble I guess you could say.

Stepping out of their box....to me that is worth 100 fold. They met so many friends..this was our 2nd time and ready to do it again. The girls that won....were not the (pageant) girls. They were just like myself...

I was so happy to see so many girls win that you would never think would. One girl had to have weighed 300 lb.. her face lit up when they called her name to receive her trophy award.

Another was 4 feet tall about 150. Their dresses were FAR from glitz.


Actually, I placed in my NAM state pageant this summer because I know what I'm doing. You're sadly mistaken and you have no evidence to back your claims. Stop slandering this organization because you or your kid didn't win.

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