My daughter was in the last 2014 Texas NAM pageant. All the information was provided before hand.

She had to go to local businesses and ask for support. She learned valuable skills to help with her business interview. We did not have the funds to do all the things we wanted and that's where community came in. This is one of the most affordable pageants we found.

This was my daughters 1st pageant and she was given most of what she wore(big shinney earrings :)), all the fees for optional contest were from local sponsors. She tried to make "friends" with as many girls as possible and help others to feel comfortable. She won 7 awards and placed in the top 15. I was amazed, and thinking about all the help from our community I was humbled.

My daughter was encouraged and developed some skills she needs to fulfill her dreams. She met lots of really cool girls and did pretty well! I know this is not for everyone but I had a blast. Of course, we didn't go to win; after all, it was her first time.

It did cost around 2k, all in all, but we have wasted money on eating out at restraunts etc. in 6 months and have nothing to show but at NAM we had an experience with friends, family and community that we will never forget!! My complaint was only with the hotel, they overcharged and extra charged but finally refunded what was due.

(and the elevators! stopped working often)

Monetary Loss: $700.

Location: Houston, Texas

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So you have to pay for the hotel and food


ok. Thinking about things I would change about this pageant.....

1) Scholarships- no more than 1cash scholarship per contestant, that way runners up have an opportunity to come away a "winner" as well.

I witnessed one person take almost all the scholarships awarded. Still, only the winner gets the chance to compete as stated.

2) Report on scores- let the girls know how they "scored" so they are able to make good choices about what they could change if they try another pageant.

3) Website- I had a hard time finding information and leaving comments


1) So you're saying that no matter how well a girl does, she should only be awarded once?....

2) They send a score report in the mail about a month after

3) All the info is in the magazines

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