I received a letter in the mail from this company. I read over it and the first thing I did was GOOGLE it.

I found this page. To my amazement because I researched the company first, even though they said on the letter that it was FREE, I was still skeptical. Even though they said that my child was REFERRED to them I was like how did you even know I had a child. So through my research I found one bad review after another after another and now I know what to expect and that is when I decided to just THROW THE INVITE IN THE TRASH.

And guess what, didn't cost me a penny except for a few keystrokes. So please, with any company promising you one thing......DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Delaware, Ohio

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Most girls are referred into the system by girls that are competing. NAM provides a sheet where girls can recommend their friends/acquaintances that they believe might be a good fit for the pageant. There is an award for most recommendations, so some girls get a bit overzealous and basically recommend every name in their school directory.


We are in a pageant right now, everyone is very kind and professional. Yes, there are extra fees for optional contests, but that's what covers prizes for winners. I very happy that we had decided to participate and will probably do it again next year.


Well, if you had gone to the open call, you would have known that she was referred or that she was enrolled by the grading system, dummy.


that was pretty rude of you to call her a dummy!


I think anonymous works for them


Just because you go to the open call does not mean you still have to compete. I went to the open call, got accepted, and was asked if I still wanted to do it. By that point I knew I was going to have to spend money as they tell you at the open call.


Did you just look at the bad reviews from people who didn't do their research? If you did do yours, you would know that the invite to an open call is completely free, but the pageant is not.

The invite was sent if your child excelled academically or was referred by a friend or family member that was in it.

NAM is definitely not a scam and is actually way better than most pageants because they want personality instead of beauty itself.

Please do your research.


Then they should put that information in the "open call" letter. Let you have all the information BEFORE accepting.

And my child a. has not been in school yet and b.

has no family, etc. that would have referred her without asking/telling me first!


Nam is wonderful and it could've been a neighbor or someone in the community of one of her friends that have recommended her. Nam Is game changing, did you know that if you are 12 and under then you cant wear makeup.

But most times reviews are not the truth imagine your daughter making a difference in the world. And if you did not get enough information you can always call them, nber is online

With Great LOVE Namily!!


I believe the referral is not for 100% of the letters that get sent. There is so much data about everyone based on online purchases, store cards, etc., that companies pay for data mining to find out all kinds of logistical information on households and who/what age are the individuals that live there. While some may be referred, there is no way they aren't taking advantage of all the Big Data out there.


It seems as if the initial letter itself is deceiving.

It starts stating, "your daughter was referred", never once mentioning the child by name.

Sound familiar? Reminds me of the predators our kids are taught in school to be weary of (someone going up to them stating that they friends of mom and dad while they have an agenda of their own).


I just received a letter today saying my daughter was referred and my first thought was, okay cool, which daughter BC there is 5 of them..... So exactly whom is this letter for.

And why isnt there name on the letter since they were referred. These are big red flags,,,, wether liget or not I don't even know


Yeah, I'm one of my dad's daughters. There's two of us. Which one are they referring to??


SCAM And "anonymous" is definitely on their payroll

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