My daughter passed the first audition in Little Rock,AR.; after we paid the first payment. Her older sister was diagnosed with Leukemia; which Praise missed the pageant. And when I tried to get her in a later session, and I was told there is no refund; I was told me they would *** from what was already paid, and we would have to pay an additional payment on top of what was already paid.

Her father and I feel that we have been ripped off. Where did her money go that we work hard to raise?


Anita Robinson

Reason of review: WE ARE NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!.

I liked: I dont know.

I didn't like: Transparent in much of how it operates, Pricing.

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I am truly sorry that this scam artist company did this to you too. I feel that we should all file a class act lawsuit to get our money back plus more!

They are the prime example of money hungry, scam artist, fake judged, bull *** competition! Their monsters with no morals or souls and i hope one day soon they get what's coming to them!


Yes, sorry to say that this company doesn't care about our little girls, just the bottom line.

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