I've been a full NAM activist for several years, however what happened in Michigan at the 2014 State pageant left many shaking heads.

First off, NAM does not run a deep background check on the judges. Anyone with minor pageant experience can judge. This is where the problem is created. Two of the judges judging were both previously sister queens in another pageant system; and coincidently their other sister queens, who were competing, both won.

It was obvious the first runner-ups were robbed. There are pictures posted on the judge's public Facebook page of them with the winners years ago.

NAM should be ashamed for allowing this type of cheating to happen right in front of them. Of course, NAM claims the judges scores were thrown out, but these same ladies that won were also the ones falsely accusing people they viewed as competition for knowing judges so the scores could be thrown out, hurting the girl ultimately as the average score would replace that missing judge's.

NAM is a mess. The marketing is great, and some states less corrupt than others. But serious changes need to be made to regain the reputation of the organization- cheating, raising prices, ridiculous amounts of girls, etc.. it all adds up to a bad taste in the mouth. There are plenty of other pageants with the same production, better prizes, less contestants, and lower fees.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: proof this will never occur again, along with a refund..

Store Location: Livonia, Michigan

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First lets start with the judging at the Michigan pageant, yes NAM Michigan lacks in that area. But for you to sit here and bash and bully a 14 year old girl who worked very hard to win this pageant SHAME ON YOU.

Lets state the facts you didn’t state.First off did she know a judge yes she has been in Michigan pageants since she was 4 years old, but her parents I know for a fact went to the directors and did not want that judge to judge their daughter because of a conflict they had with one another. Look at her scores from the other judges they felt she was the best qualified to represent Michigan she made the top 15 at nationals. And lets put this out there she has competed with National American Miss in Michigan every year since she was 6. HELLO that should tell you she knows the system.

She rcompetes and get better every year. I know this girl and I am sick of people bashing her she was the clear winner on that stage you can not deny it and she is the type of girl who would give you a dress and compete against her just the type of girl she is. And lets get back to Nationals top 15 overall is pretty good l, 11th place overall in 2013 all american is pretty good don’t you think. Lets not forget TOP 5 the very next year at Teen Usa in Michigan her very first year.

So tell me where did she cheat. If you argue the judging yes they should get judges that have no connection to the girls get them from another state but to say the girl cheat is ridiculous knowing her success in various other pageants. As a parent you should not be bashing this teenager what is it your daughter lost to her is that why your doing this.

This is not my child my child competed against this girl and I said she has it naturally and was in agreeance with the outcome the best girl won get over it. And who did they bash previously yhat makes no sense the only time they went to the directors is when their daughters scores were to be thrown out I was infront of them when she talked to Lew and Joy and stated she absolutely did not want the one judge to judge their daughter


I couldn't agree more! NAM IS A SCAM!!


It's under NAM's name, so all pageants are NAM. Wake up. Smell NAM's wilting roses that cost $30 for three!


Actually not all nam pageants are like that. That state could have been a an accident but that's one state and you are obviously not qualified to say what the pageant should be like. This is practically a punch in the face to the stae queens.


How can you say its a punch in the face to the state queens? You are in a different state with different judges, you do not know what her experience was like.

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