Our first pageant ever, we were lied to from the very beginning. This will run you close to $600 and that's not including "optional" packages of which if your daughter does not do, lessens her chance of winning.

If you can't come up with the rest of the balance, they do not let your daughter participate in the pageant. They don't care, they don't help! They don't even give you a cup of coffee for free!! Oh, and forget about being reimbursed if you already made a deposit.

Money Hungry!! One more thing... that trip to Cali, if you ever make it to nationals is NOT paid for... Do not be fooled.

they are not about your daughter and building their confidence, they are about building their WALLETS!!

Remember, the more advertisement you sell, the more your chances of winning... Disgusting!!!

Reason of review: Liars.

Monetary Loss: $135.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Yes! NAM is a big scam and has been reported multiple times to BBB


I am agree, I went a open call in Washington state this year 2015, the lady who did the presentation was unprofessional, she said one of the girl during the presentation that she did not qualify to participate in NAM in front of everybody before see the application or go to the interview. What's confident they will build in any girl?


The optional contest are scored by a completely different panel of judges than the judges for the required ones, so the amount of optional contests done will not affect your overall score.


Totally not true. All the girls who placed in the top 15 had either placed in a lot of optionals or won at least one of them.

My closest friend there had one the optional talent and got in the top fifteen. Also I would like to note that it is slightly strange they hand the slip of the top 15 AFTER all of the other awards have been given out.

I still love NAM, but now that I see you have to compete and place in a lot of the optional, I'll have to work extra hard to win next year.


The judges for optionals are a different set of judges then those for the required comps, they are not even allowed in the room during optionals. The fee to get in is $480, the production outfit is $40 and the ticket so that a family member can attend the finale is $15 - total $535 that goes to nam without the optionals. They are not going to tell you how much a dress or hotel room is, that is just common sense.


Your trip to Cali IS paid for if you win and only if you win. Runner up does not count.

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