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My beautiful daughter participated in this stupid pagent yesterday in Harrisburg PA but little that we know that it would of have gone like it did . We realize that they full their mouths with saying that they want they girls to be themselves and have confidence.

Well most of the girls who won’t acted like if they were trained by a coach giving introductions that you could see it was written by their parents and walking like if there were 30 years old runway models . And in top of that the girls who won’t most of the prizes were the ones who spent more money on the optional competitions so basically they more money you spent the more chances you have to win . Anddd the girl who won’t was a girl that was the cover girls from previous years which it means that it was her second time in the pagent. They already have picked the girls who will win .

I spent about 15000 in this stupid thing just for my daughter to feel the worst ever because she didn’t win anything.

And my daughter cried and was upset for days .. Before I agreed to put her in this thing I saw a bunch of review saying the same thing but I gave it a try because my daughter really wanted to do it and I thought it would be a positive thing for her ..but it was totally the opposite Parents don’t put your princess in this stupid crap !!!

Don’t waste your money . TOTALLY A SCAM!!

National American Miss Pros: Friendly girls.

National American Miss Cons: Reordering by judges, It is a money making scheme for nam, Totally a scam, Do not teach anything.

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what does judges reordering exactly mean????


you spent 15000 ?????


You just sound pissed because she lost. It happens. If you cant handle both sides then dont do it


"Stupid pageant" is right. *** Mother is, too. Sick, salacious world of children made up like streetwalkers.


Did you ever think that the girls that are up on stage doing optional are giving themselves more experience onstage and are therefore more skilled when it comes to the other competitions? I know for a FACT that money has nothing to do with the outcome.

NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OUTCOME. My daughter was in the pageant ONLY and we spent money on nothing else and she won.


What it is weird to me that if your daughter is doing great at pagent why are you in this website defending them ? I know this is a public site but I just find interesting you are even here ... You must work for them or be connected somehow ....


Same exact scenario with my daughter yesterday. My review is one right before yours.

I really hope parents take these reviews seriously as neither one of did when researching at first. The children are the one who suffer in the end.


Was your daughter competing for PA in Harrisburg?


No, we were in Reston, Va.


QUOTE : "The children are the one who suffer in the end" ... that's right ; but it's because of the entire pageant mentality. My advice is to keep your children away from this competitive crumb *** "business" and teach them to be decent, honest people instead.


Totally agree!

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