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We received an unsolicited letter from "Breanne Ewing, State Director" of National American Miss (NAM).

No phone number is listed for her directly, but you can call 402 881 8744 or email statehq@namiss.com which is listed as 6227 S 171st St, Omaha, NE 68135 and enter your "invitation number."

We have a low profile on the internet, but do have pictures of the children in Facebook profile pictures. We will be removing them and sharing the info about this strange solicitation. I suspect they only send out www.missouriopencall.com in order to raise funds for their "organization." I want to know how the *** they got our address.

Don't fall for this scam. They aren't even BBB rated and have a 2.5 star rating.... it screams of pedophilia....

The Pissed Family from Missouri

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Unsolicited mailing as the result of stalking of children below age of 12..

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Hi! I'm a Breanne Ewing State Queen!

Its not a scam! its extremely fun! When I got my open call letter it was because teachers, peers and others can recommend your child for it.

I was recommended by a highs school student. I totally advise on this platform!


We are in AZ and we got a post card as well. Yes it is expensive but anything is now. My daughter did competitive cheer and it was 5000 mid season.


Yes, I've called and messages them for days and no replies back. I'm starting to feel angry that I can't get a hold of anyone. Paid for half the sponser fee already Rrrrrr!.


They get your info from girls that have competed in the past.


They are not legitimate you are asked to give alot of money they ask you to solicit friends and family for money they have different judges and accept anyone. There is plenty of info online about them..big scam


The NAM organization is real. They got your address from someone who must know or be aquainted with you.

My daughter received a similar card to an open call. They are legitimate. She competed last year in the teen division.

Nothing inappropriate occured with my daughter at NAM Wisconsin 2018. She learned valuable skills preparing for the pageant.

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