We regret that you had a bad experience with USA NATIONAL MISS. That is an entirely different pageant system from National American Miss.

To be clear, there is no relation between the two pageant systems at all. We see in an internet search that Lara Kelsey is the director for a pageant system named USA NATIONAL MISS. To be clear, Lara Iacometti, aka Lara Kelsey, not a director nor staff for NAM in any way. No association at all.

On the USA NATIONAL MISS website, it does confirm your assertion that the USA NATIONAL MISS Colorado director is Lara Kelsey and that the event just took place prior to your posted complaint. If you would like to address your concerns to the pageant system in which you appear to have participated, USA NATIONAL MISS, you can reach them at www.usanationalmiss.com or by calling 917-300-9266. That is the contact information that is on the website of USA NATIONAL MISS. Also, we want to be sure to take this opportunity to address your key concern.

It is our assertion that a pageant director should never allow their own child to compete in the competition that they are hosting. NAM directors' family members are not allowed to compete in any NAM competitions nationwide. No exceptions. There are quite a few comments on this site, like the post seen on this page, which are posted in this section about NAM.

But, they are misplaced.

If you ever have a concern at NAM, please feel free to contact the appropriate state or local director. We are here to serve you.

Reason of review: Incorrect company.

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