My daughter participated in the the Maryland NAM Pageant in Reston, VA and I have several complaints.

1. NAM allowed girls older than the *** age range to compete. Why are they breaking their own rules. Very deceptive to say the least.

2. The Maryland Talent Competition did not award any singers, but only dancers. A fair judge panel would have categorized the talent to ensure that an award was issued for each. On the other hand, the Virginia talent competition did award singers and my daughter can out sing them with or without music. These same judges even awarded a Virginia contestant who sang along with the artist. When my daughter pursues her music career, she will be sure to publicly expose NAM as deceptive.

3. The Do’s and Don’ts that the Pageant Staff told the girls were not adhered to by the judges. There was nothing natural about the walk of the girls who won and placed in the top 10. They were strutting and bouncing like grown women trying catch a man’a attention. This is past deceptive; it’s distasteful.

4. The Best Resume competition is a joke. My daughter stated in her resume that she received the Gold President’s Academic Award. If they had bothered looking it up they would have realized that it was signed by the President of the United States and Secretary of Education. She has maintained an A average since she’s been in school. I challenge NAM to reveal how those girls were chosen. Again, a deceptive business.

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

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