My daughter is actually going to open call this thursday on her birthday she will be 9.. This will be her first pageant ever. I was hoping for her to build more self esteem and a better ability of public speaking. What should she wear what is considerate "Shabby Chic"?? what type of questions do they ask 9 year olds? I have noticed everyone says it cost about $2000. Can I ask what all this is for? I know they said $440 for the pageant fees. but what is all the rest for? Do you have to stay at the same hotel as everyone can you get a cheaper one? And How do you go to businesses to get sponsors? Who do you ask I'm sorry I have just never done anything like this before.

Thanks for any help..

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland

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Where do they get my daughter's name?


Someone she knows reccomends her


"Shabby Chic?" That's funny. On my daughter's letter it said "Snappy Casual." So whatever makes her feel good, wear that to the open call.

My daughter is looking forward to her free photo shoot CD.

That made it worth her time even if she doesn't move on in the pageant. She is hoping for a career in the theatre and this will help her portfolio.


It's totally okay to be confused. I just did this pageant in June and was totally confused.

Everyone gets accepted and no need to worry the extra money is for optinal contests.

Hope she has an amazing time! Have fun sweetie!


Don't worry. EVERYONE gets accepted.

It is legit but it is a money-making business. People often skip the open call and register online.


The rest of the money is for you to decide on how to spend it. Although the pageant itself is around $450, you will need to supply the dress, shoes, clothing, hotel fees (if you want to stay there), etc.

There are also separate competitions that she can be signed up for which will cost extra. Being in these desperate comps would be beneficial in my opinion, for she 'll have a greater chance of placing in a category.

No, you don't have to stay at the hotel it is held at, but I recommend being somewhere close to prevent being late to any of the rehearsals or programs.

To get sponsors, you can just talk to the owner/manager of any business and talk with them. Tell them of the benefits for them ie tax write off and recognition.

Start a bake sale or ask family and friends to help out. Co-workers too.

Look up online pictures of shabby chic for ideas of what to wear. Interview questions are all about HER and HER personality. They will not ask about religion or anything political.

When you go to open calls, she will have to fill out a paper telling about herself ie extracurricular activities, hobbies and interests, ... you will then go to a short seminar/presintation an then she will have a one on one interview with a judge. This interview is to see if she is ready for this. MAN is a big production and doesn't want any child to freeze up on stage and cause stage fright for the rest of their lives.

They make sure she is capable to do what they ask and that SHE wants to do it, not the parents.

They will explain more when you go on Thursday and they will call you within three business days to see is she is a finalist.

If you need any tips or help, look up some youtube videos and hear what past MAN contestants have to say.

I hope I helped. :)


Different* NAM*


NAM is a lousy production and did not offer enough assistance to the girls. The pageant was poorly organized including lighting and music and it was obvious that the girls had no idea what they were doing.

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